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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone today We prepare very tender and fluffy dough dumplings kefir this dough suitable for dumplings with any filled with berries with potatoes and cheese others and prepare them you can either boil water or steamed as well as possible
  • 00:30: dumplings and freeze to cook very tasty kefir dough for dumplings I need 200 100 milliliters of kefir milliliters only that the boiled water 450 500 grams of flour in the flour all different so it may take a little or a little more than less than 1 teaspoon sugar I always dough for dumplings I add a little then sugar dough it will be very tasty and 3 4 and a teaspoon of baking soda and
  • 01:01: three-fourth teaspoon of salt first I pour kefir hot water and I stirred to prepare dough for dumplings it is necessary to warm liquid Then the dough is very flexible and mix well Now I'm in a bowl I sift 450 grams add flour to flour salt soda and sugar
  • 01:35: all is well I stirred and now I pour warm here yogurt and start kneading the soft pastry dough in no case to be too clogged so adjust flour otherwise the dough dumplings will
  • 02:06: too tight I hard tasteless I love when dumplings is soft fluffy horoshenechko knead I connect all [music] I look dough gathered in one lump I have just not much I knead it here It is slightly sticky I very soft
  • 02:36: I now test I put the stand about 10 minutes I will cover his food film when the dough stand up then it will be easier knead me later it should be very good knead on a table dough It happened so very flexible and smooth I have passed about 10 minutes the dough is well I rested podpylyayu flour table not much
  • 03:07: slightly and will now! knead well the dough into the dough table it is necessary to knead Ten minutes very well that it became very flexible so as not to I pestered not a circle me to the table you see it is a smooth nice and immediately you feel for hands much can I not add only slightly
  • 03:37: and good good knead the dough I look actually longer I do not pour it I've got so I He added somewhere about grams twenty-flour is no longer added the dough is already obtained very good You certainly look in its test on their flour as It needs to do this dough universal for dumplings From it you can cook and dumplings and
  • 04:08: and cook for a couple dumplings in water dumplings are obtained delicious beautiful dough fluffy and tender absolutely not, not solid at all in my family we love vareniki just a couple this with cottage cheese with potatoes This is delicious and dumplings with cherries and blueberries at all Of course the biggest
  • 04:38: treat and more sour cream of course a matter of fact honestly dumplings it is all about dish which is probably like all I very much look Knead the dough well it is elastic very pleasant not the circle and stick me at the table I had Now just like that that's rolled up like usually in a bun put under the bowl close food
  • 05:08: this film I the dough should stand Well, at least an hour and then of it will be so simply and easily strengthen not dumplings will be no labor all this dough may be in even the refrigerator well if you simply put refrigerate it may lie in the the day you can out of it make dumplings she nothing will different from you have prepared
  • 05:39: it today or have it you lay there, I wish all pleasant appetite place huskies subscribe on channel ludaeasycook positive kitchen leave your comments, and of course share this new videos with your friends all while [music]