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Secrets of sewing of bags from Tatyana Ulanova

Secrets of sewing of bags from Tatyana Ulanova  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello all I very pleased that after the last lesson, it's a lot letters with responses but I was alarmed One thing is not 10 letters I am exaggerating I have questions or with the wish or please please not leave us continue their learned to listen and when you know what is what I do not know, I tell to me I was not going to like why stop such apocalyptic mood and I do not understand and are so very many not only but questions and tips sent masters I even decided organize this
  • 00:30: special section Expert's advice and the first of them from Valentina il kovoy she finds out suggests that Last time we were with you made embroidery on jeans and consolidated jeans on the frame on the back side a surge of put it and sticking to double sided tape Valentine drew our attention to that if we embroidering on thin fabric technology Here is another look how elegant looks This work is the work Olga Mikhailova and
  • 01:01: as a well as tight stretched base is very beautiful and it looks like this make look Imagine that here Now this fine fabric on this heel on which we will to pull the thin cloth which embroidery embroidery and we put down impose heel and wrap thin cloth Now here it is possible pave the double sided tape possible and no tightly-tightly
  • 01:32: stretching this fabric on the corners where we gather certain thickness Fabric can be attached a special well stapler almost like building this gun and can be so here wrapped tight styanuv grab this thread stern so fat that everything is securely was held and it was very taut yes it is presented necessarily need to take into account because
  • 02:02: badly strained work she loses everything its charm and not See advantageous as it could to a few questions from multiple recipients ask for more detail once again tell that is where prints take them and so print this image printed at an inkjet printer on the stern so this thread 2 fabric stiff so she It passes through printer as the paper does not breaking and image
  • 02:33: obtained a that's wonderful see what can what a miracle from here this specific prints to build this by Natalia Mazurenko from Kiev look attention to how fun to make Wool of a cat floor and orcish nodules we are about them, too but we will speak it is also accepted it works by Olga Mikhailova from Pskov Here is a look Beacon's this job It called young
  • 03:04: wine note attention as did the Grapes beads is wooden covered Ribbon is not attached to the basis and so the following advice on how to time from the master Olga Mikhailova from Pskov she says that last time I advised water to remove traces of the soap or chalk on paper Olga fair brand as a master embroidery on print notes that here for example this is now beauty she fears and water, and in any
  • 03:34: the case can not be wetted because the paint that the Council will flow make Olga says she is that possible apply a method contactless steaming ie we put the iron on say well, maybe be low temperature low and temperature maximum the amount of steam and touching print we sole plate a steam blow remove all unnecessary traces of why I related with prints of this I say they say there that they
  • 04:04: afraid of water sometimes yet they have to tint Olga advised to do so wax crayons so But if suddenly unsuccessfully lay line then it can also be remove same by contactless steaming another popular question where take them to the prints Well optionally follow the same the ways in which went and I, I order them Olga Pskov course here we have have recourse to mail I think it's not scary and next group issues their numbers have
  • 04:34: exceeded critical mass I was no longer silent might is next you have made your bags today reveal all the secrets of nothing I leave that to us this need Jeans of which let up child in any In no case not use shabby cloth in no case because you will very sorry spent time effort and nerves on the
  • 05:04: work because dilapidated fabric can most unexpected moment so spoiled I repeat, we either take jeans which the child grew and they are still very strong or increased anyone else or choose a very well-preserved a piece of tissue from these ignoring those jeans a place that came useless and so that's Hem see how without erasing those jeans still there remains dirt and we cut off and it is not
  • 05:34: We take into account I ask what that's about the size of the bag this bag more often we ask is useful for determining the amount of selects for each himself I sew bags I needed an umbrella I put it define resolution well clear the size of the future bags to an umbrella in the forest and cut off the right number of legs so sorry to have
  • 06:04: I have just-in-bag in the forest of umbrellas here see umbrella passes and remains and even our allowances our such measurement way Do you know why used in shops tissue owners We prefer to small sellers Growth that is why Measure out the fabric with elbows less growth of the seller is not or less in an elbow less tissue in Seller and so They cut right
  • 06:34: Now the number is now I'm a dude see here I retained a native seam of jeans and they did look stylish in my opinion how to do it here we have a side seam here this is about to have here will be here it's wonderful track and using here it's wonderful tool that have in the arsenal of Each neck is It called
  • 07:04: ripper lang steam once the seam leaving here this here These pro boiled cooked marks seam then I use it here well or top as anyone want so pro bag length we are talk that It is tall bags this is how you guessed height is the width of the bag leg see if I made handbag Now of these jeans
  • 07:35: she would have me It was naturally enlarge that's so high decided what you need this bag Document Only or for each day working well, look Now do as and sew take two part here let's say you embroidery here this rear end if you want you here doing pockets immediately even when you just 2 separately
  • 08:06: combined details fold them together and now here that WTO Timur and then make side seams and bag almost ready have to do Only the bottom of me yet asked very how often do I strengthen something that's your bag this denim I am not denim bag strengthened because here jeans hard enough and it itself I do not hold shape I wanted to burden bag and she was like can be easier but if you soft jeans
  • 08:38: in this case suitable for summer Bag see for yourself or bag you will very soft or you strengthen it and to this approach or glue boards to or not glued to the boards why I prefer boltovku without glue not curve because here here's Embroidery I can not her I'm sticking iron I will not embroidery ruin for the sake of so I use q sides that just sew without glue
  • 09:09: than to strengthen the bottom I tell again no waste our economy in boxes with winter boots or autumn often here Such is the thing I reinforce insulation I do not know how to search paving boots to hover in a the parties had traces of the castles of each on the other this is now thing I do not know how to called foam it is very convenient for both time to strengthen
  • 09:40: the bottom but generally chic and Here in this bag it just made here of this material You do not see It changes the shape of worth bag very reliable strong but one thing I'm talking about pull together but always for Beauty or just because she told me so like natural so that I could see as a whip which I here that I painted first at the very
  • 10:11: car on a frame Now I put this here fabric and has only top put jeans fabric elite I'm well out of I'm going to do bag moves It is bad so have firmly promote hands here Now this piece but it only her drawback I think you cope with this Now we just have warned or use Teflon foot or namazhete not know foot than advised Mom soap or
  • 10:41: a piece of candle maybe it's you help and so very convenient irreplaceable things quite so about this in my bag All told it in We width of the leg the length of the umbrella we in this case my strengthens it or no glue boards Coy they did not strengthened and the bottom also be strengthened boltovkoy only multiple layers or is it here wonderful material which can be found
  • 11:13: or building stores it there or explore short winter shoes that we need for to make a pattern here that bag newspaper naturally TVNZ on the first line pores very useful page
  • 11:51: again you guessed the bottom of her purse length in size So I put my umbrella umbrella and leaves eye but roughly two centimeters with each side as a prize and seam allowance height height handbags Bag see for yourself
  • 12:23: what suits you on page newspaper maybe a little below how to achieve go to rounding kitchen can simultaneously pour yourself a check take a plate and here and so we do the pattern for our 7 cut out but that's not all you
  • 13:05: guess that We bag the front of her part at least She embroidered so if we We suppose this is now the pattern we have here it will not snugly and personal this is not good form so our Pattern will look like this manner Pattern for Bag
  • 13:37: umbrella plate newspaper and it is ready Now you understand yes put embroidery placed on top it is the pattern we a piece of fabric as you remember so well the tub leaving allowances joints, or if you have already take into account the pattern or if you are more You want to get here front and rear
  • 14:07: 2, the same part details on such patterns made I would now like to my bag It was spacious so I have appeared side part blew me always 10 wide centimeters as the Experience shows that it is optimum width no longer does already will bow to anything naturally without allowances of our ready a really well so 12 could to do so in
  • 14:38: I here here here it was just lightning at the top and that's it side converges would not have but I she wanted to It was capacious I see lightning hugger such additional stripes that then dragged to the front and rear detail bags and to its width is admissible 5 centimeters and lightning two centimeters here Now these stripes 5 cm and below 10 in way we are arrange trapeze the upper part of which
  • 15:08: 5 centimeters and the bottom portion 10 which centimeters it will adjacent to the one here this triangle we also you draw someone fear can be on the same newspaper who is not afraid directly on the fabric we side with you as a part of the ready determine the length of here this here I watched from the side In terms of convenience so I opened bag and I have not I flew out nothing so I I tried to have me on top of the
  • 15:38: Zipper closure and securely hold somewhere one-third and and one quarter even two-thirds to me Now, this took on I hope one of the sure you understand lining want doing pockets a passport for your phone lining cut out as clothing brand too, as well as the upper part of both
  • 16:08: basic details of the bag the same size also a matter of hope I'm satisfied all your curiosity secrets showed you even the entrails piles and mating last another that council sent me independently of one friend Natalia Savina from Samara Svetlana Korolev in Moscow they say that I use all the time lighter and yet much easier use cautery the machine's who home
  • 16:38: engaged in embroidery one hand there incendiary the device is really irreplaceable thing in First is very convenient they cut the ribbon well, for example the broad Ribbon cut leaf ready and the same burn his staff literally a few strokes It can be soldered tip ribbons for embroidery but when we finished ribbon, and she, too, not going anywhere It is also very convenient and I lighter use because it is more mobile
  • 17:08: wear it easier to is here on this optimistically let me say goodbye I will write letters look forward and finally offer you a riddle puzzle and and sent Galina Fedotov in Moscow watch this housing from the clock on the idea From it you can do magnificent framed volume under glass to our joint embroidery tapes the question of how to fix backdrop way
  • 17:39: strengthen the embroidery because if we make for my way backdrop same magnitude as the body as our frame and nailed it may suffer which is based above then our made embroidery, it can cling to what nail is sharp this is how unevenly way to fix embroidery in this I wait for your body suggestions and tips brain whether we will get you
  • 18:09: very grateful