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Top dressing by Milk for the Excellent Harvest.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends are satisfied, and gardeners again I've met Julia me from the channel Does height in the garden and today I want you invite another feeding it is not feeding chemistry and life dressing that really It works plant very good at it respond very develop well this can be feed up indoor plants can feed the seedlings in but the general the only thing I have always even warn let it natural
  • 00:30: dressing but how Just did this situation porridge oil possible need to spoil proportioning what is this fertilization is common milk and of course better to take the most the very lowest milk fat content namely to feed how to feed plants possible this option if you We drank the milk you drank milk and you have an empty bottle can be just pour water
  • 01:01: rinse bottle and pour all the plants but in any case not watered put scorch the roots or one teaspoon milk teaspoon of milk per liter of water is there is a little water should be slightly behind Bleached's it milk and now seems to be it seems it was so simple in general, Nothing complicated here but you do not have a plant say thank you if
  • 01:31: Feed the more you their here is a dressing but in any case not makes no even overdose milk and if you take it anymore this is not correct and the can happen converse perfectly with plants teaspoon of milk per liter of water with you and as always, it was Julia I have it on the channel Does height in the garden till