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  • 00:00: Make your favorite dear dear spectators subscribers Here mustard powder seemingly well Th easier for mustard we all make excuses and 3 sheets and threw us later realized that sometimes a simple thing not available in store as rights of every mustard not what it means faced with powder then took defective Mustard powder is not
  • 00:30: happened then a first for lovers mustard general seasoning which need need find the right mustard powder here we have you found the same He poured in a meal it is available at 50 gram sachets means what do you need poured dry jar need to who we do not forget we write a number on
  • 01:00: who forget here recipes from Mom's meal upset in the center yellow is not even doubt exactly is written here will like this do Katechka will to knock all of the world read means that we you need half a spoon salt we are 100 Two grams of the package then here's the tea dry dry powder pour this business it will be easier Stir it and then It means sugar we written teaspoon
  • 01:32: It means two tea Spoon 1 times one hundred grams Now here's how mix here is dry mustard with here it all then here is now the we need to pour oil Glen is a must we have written there vegetable oil unprincipled What do you take us We are taken here today Olive's means
  • 02:02: need 2 grams per 100 grams need 2 teaspoons spoon butter here the process of actually but not very crafty little-known there are many of course of course you can and brine not forbidden to all their tastes I am for those who are here just mustard you want it, and that's then add
  • 02:34: and we must all lumps break this mustard see how it swells hot Water Well here we take from the cooler you can ski straight 5 boiling water and not ruin and sorrow It will not take into What's the problem with if you brine do thrust means and adjust it salt and sugar of course warm it up boiling water because cold long time, he is it love cucumber pickle
  • 03:08: you need to buy it all It is not necessary to do thick and not to do already a little bit here thaw usually look her here and so Such are things out there public hall of the tie Everything is all business layout I immediately nose I react here is as if there is no gift meaning that no more
  • 03:39: and most dream to diamond it also means one bird and so more a little bit it will be you and all classical mustard used
  • 04:10: rolled into one interesting retseptik Saratov where meat must first before cooking look Well basically good quality he powder broken just fork is due was not there, he was completely dry to no moisture and it better and about here it is written on It says what it means
  • 04:40: apply and how many through day here and I I try it now Correction by NASA a couple of hours the whole after 4 exactly has absolutely ready that is, as soon as it cool feel that You have not finished tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and as soon as she It will be very good Here is the mustard here this is not necessary and manure and make a very important thing tightly
  • 05:17: all set just where to cool it OK summarize the means necessary quality and clean powder and following instructions that It is written here many it is passed threw well in general Here it does not matter to these namely from dining of this powder written correctly the only recipe popravochku that mustard is ready
  • 05:47: through both cool here is how to cool down and you Bird Well I do not know that that you do come in handy simple retseptik Bon Appetit and therapeutic eating cards announcing means soon show full butchering Baja I hope that we have it Beard will give the entire sense of the whole mascara and we will show by requests of workers at risk on skewers that We take as a cut than 0
  • 06:17: which delivers up to meetings channel for those who He writes channel for channel Do not close this café and moved From here, there closed for all the best to meetings