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Decoupage. How to paste the whole big napkin. Master class  See details »



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  • 00:00: I offer you attention a master class how to stick a napkin I decided to completely update old stool, and for this I use just such a napkin but before than a napkin to stick it needed as be treated in the beginning and I proglazhu iron warmed up fairly strong with steam in the first I turn smoothing folds on the back sides then ironed with
  • 00:35: front side gently but firmly When the wipe is times whim on the bottom extend layer itself
  • 01:06: yourself Next, I will treat polish cloth who acquired construction shop relatively inexpensive the first layer is applied very easy and then remove the remaining a lower layer tissue Unfortunately I forgot remove it immediately 2 caused varnish layer so the process I have made it much longer and It took more effort but you can see
  • 01:36: that the napkin is already was pretty durable thanks processing later after I removed white layer I once again handled napkin with a lag reverse side and Just in case, again with the front turned three varnish layer and the front side 1c back now proceed directly to
  • 02:06: gluing napkins previously prepared surface was coated with an adhesive while I grabbing bit bokovinki you need to make it as can be carefully treated with varnish Cloth is not passes through itself adhesive and will as the so if the usual will be on the surface NOT, glue seats napkin there pasted now we go to
  • 02:43: napkins hell napkin face down treated napkin becomes very bright with reverse side if you are confused where front side you can determine its to the touch where on the fringes cloths perforation fluted the surface will be a seamy side on top of our water pulverizer pretty much now process is similar gluing napkins using file
  • 03:13: though I do not use file a piece of thick polyethylene because the file size less than a whole size napkins you see I slightly spread swipe of your finger but although the cloth be processed cautious on all It will not become client when wet cloth slightly increases size not as usually yet whether or smoothed water before stick close top
  • 03:49: second piece polyethylene smoothes here I found some
  • 04:20: roughness see what can to do with such processing and napkins turning on where He curled polyethylene smoothing it and I put a napkin on place if I It was undressed wipe it would be the end she would have It is broken again add water and again smooths the napkin through oilcloth when the napkin
  • 04:55: smoothed gently rented top part back to add surface on top of a little water I am doing so not to wipe I stuck at once touching the surface so that it could be and moving pattern napkins so that I need to put it exactly on center and stools It is very difficult done immediately you see I have not
  • 05:30: get put napkin properly with I put the first time again thanks the fact that there is water I can pick it up I can put back but the move should not be vigilant cloth is cloth awkward sudden movement all it can also break so follow caution Remove the top file
  • 06:22: To do this, gently separate it neprikleyannye ends swipe one and on the other hand apotom carefully shooting Now wet fingers very light trim movements smooths the napkin removing excess moisture possible irregularities
  • 06:52: body touch it only wet fingers I'm using a dryer to surface faster dry as soon as the pools and heavily soaked seat dried up we leave dry until the end wipe dry up
  • 07:34: I now of three and varnish I use an ordinary parquet lacquer it is important to accurately adhere to someone resettlement and climb on the side cover I cover the entire
  • 08:14: surface and I left to dry parquet lacquer dries I did it for a long time evening so I leave it to dry up am at least surface dry Now I'll clean bokovinki stool to remove unnecessary
  • 08:44: Lots wipes removing water moisten excess moisture seats I soak all parts napkins which I I will delete so they soaked We moved away from the surface then their true grit
  • 09:18: paper you see all the excess
  • 09:59: remove it We treat all surface on the perimeter Here such it is now from the act were from look already completed condition after I poisoned leg bokovinki and covered it has several layers of lacquer I wish you success in creativity