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  • 00:00: the gathered leaf is a useful stitch to use if you need to make quick and easy projects here I've used a seven millimeter silk ribbon number 35 come up with a ribbon don't make a knot at the long end leave a short tail thread up with a matching green thread on a size 9 cruel needle make a knot at the long end and catch the tail of the ribbon at the back come up alongside the ribbon make a few stabs to choose to secure the tail
  • 00:31: in place and cut off the excess tail use the same thread to gather the reef make a zigzag gathers or stitch in a straight line depending on the shape you prefer add a few more gathers if you want a longer leaf and pull twist the leaf or flatten it depending on the leaf take the three to the back and pull
  • 01:05: together the ribbon and off or come up to the top of your wave to form the next stitch take the ribbon to the back and end off or come up to form the next stitch remember never to leave your thread or ribbon at the back when working with more than one needle this prevents them from becoming entangled at the back to make a smaller raised leaf gather as shown
  • 01:35: putting the thread quiet tool to form an interesting shape you PS the ribbon take the free to the back piers the ribbon and take the ribbon to the back this shape is also useful for
  • 02:05: raised flowers