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Modeling of a jacket without pattern with a tselnokroyeny sleeve the hands How quickly to sew a jacket  See details »



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  • 00:00: little are almost Is it just a little bit line but you will cut any any length of some kind want without buttons no without skid just the center and everything here so here he is with me diverges there no students nothing is just Here and so here and in attack trance and all his dress on skirts by me, I decided you too such a jacket show see what feature of this jacket in the fact that it is valuable except The sleeve is cut like this here a little bit down
  • 00:30: all solid sleeves which we they passed like this Here is a little cut Here and so a little bit Here and so side a this hands he here so down a little bit tailored due to the fact that he is tailored here as here is drawn he has very little this is whole-cut a very small here here such to but of surplus so to say absolutely free jacket absolutely here such here is one detail backrest and two parts front end but I have to somehow decorate it because
  • 01:00: what I do not like on I have buttons here so here are the buttons sewn along the neck is like this just in between decorations like this gold buttons on blue, then I'll tell you I'll show you and from behind exactly. also gold buttons and large play a role in such decoration and so here we are jacket I told you about he already told our tags 58 half plus 2 and appealed for freedom
  • 01:30: I take the chest 60 waist 52 on a jacket us not fitted here is such an even and up to waist farther so would he even we do not need further measures in main chest length sleeves 50 from the beginning shoulder width of back 20 that is 40 for the back 40 this is my merochki still just repeat the chest then Do they really need length back width length arm I immediately made money freedom of movement small because all- sleeve sleeve
  • 02:00: if it were this right hand in the armhole and all that Other I would be better there I thought about free clinging but on one-piece the sleeve is actually this is not so one to two centimeters values ​​you surely construction site first copy to build and first option a then you will like it Do not you like will do to yourself freer than the length shorter and so on like would be my task now show you the principle how it's done because I want to dress up bye start to arrange it
  • 02:30: the same horror is simple I digress a little from edge draw the first line even more I need pull back like this but leave it here centimeter 4 for every case and it will be place all seventh cervical vertebra here hence the carina with her back length of the back is 40 40 conduct horizontal line this is the length of the back then waist line risk
  • 03:00: We divide opals as if in half these lines remember when we remember edge without a game we we always do this draw the first menu which we like Here is the beginning of lines seventh crochet bend The vertebra is here. seventh cervical vertebra 2 but back 40 as if the waist line our waist line split in half received a line of armholes here's 2020 Well, I certainly do not want that right age my jacket is over well, centimeters 6 7 I will add
  • 03:30: but not straight up to the hips Well, at least not in has not been created the impression was read further back width 20 do not watch my actions the width of the back is the width of the back is now breast paolinis need postpone our world clone 60 means half of 3030 here she is with us but you can centimeter quota so
  • 04:00: they tried a little slightly slightly light scots but it was possible and to do it right here nothing wrong now we proceed to the structure of our sprouting 8 centimeters and 3 to look up and 8 and 3 do not write ask why 8 days 9 why 9 10 i doing every time differently when it is convenient for me now
  • 04:30: as if well, here I am I imagine why 8 so that I was in the very neck I'm not even sure that after fitting me I will not cut it yet a little bit and like this Here's a way shoulder here is how our pattern shoulder and so on Then went the sleeve and now we are with you proceed to building our sleeves better we have nothing
  • 05:04: fall apart look at the very this is what we have here side seam is like we have here we must begin our prime it we have this nothing will be between waistline and line of our armholes well approx. in the middle like this goes goes goes side seam reaches up to this place and went to the show like
  • 05:40: here now see goes goes our shoulder goes to my shoulder for example 13 centimeters and here hence my long hand screams 50 centimeters be attentive shoulder go over to this line a little bit here it is necessary
  • 06:10: wider, booths more difficult here is our butane shoulder here he is now drowned it's but our shoulder here it went down a then you will see how it is convenient and how chicly when here such here sleeve invisibility all-knitted note that
  • 06:40: I am this kind east hanging and shaft 8 and 3 the inclination of the shoulder drew as usual and here I am drew drawing shoulder and now for shoulder width where my back width it ends I went here And so she rounded this line and flat line on 2 on arms or hand has gone such a sleeve down here there is nothing you will do except as fill in remember shape and remember of course that to us no pattern I do not need here what do you get? start to cut
  • 07:10: remember that whole-cut sleeve exists and a great many slope of the sleeve like us may be the best all kinds of committed such direct all-sleeved sleeves when you bend it there is a lot of middle tilt still less and that's the tailored down as I to you now showed it also intact sleeve it is very convenient thing now I will hide quick jacket I 'll take care of you see how it is conveniently I think that very many of you
  • 07:40: will want to do me of course added so that according to the germ I nothing already I add but I add the shoulders to shevchik is good remember this form you can cut it
  • 08:12: generally you know without selection of the top without anything but just take it for sure the same cloth let's say a color or in polka dots or there still some other and completely inside on make from another then unscrew and all ready very easily and can be done with boards and so on this back is all know
  • 08:43: how is the price of blood another in my methodologies raise the shelf here you need me centimeter by 2 a smaller size on little on centimeter on some there 50 48 one and half centimeter this is the point where we lift and make a normal Davis is such that here was the rest cut exactly repeats itself when front of the jacket with half a point is covered by backrest no problems the coincidence of these Here are all the lines and if
  • 09:13: you are alone now will build for guarantee that this is will be exactly the same form and you are easy will it connect together they then will fold each your side of the fold the center backs it must coincide center transfer here now we will draw center transfer line center and she must coincide but who will not have
  • 09:45: get right here I draw such a sleeve any one-piece sleeve see high beginning shelf shoulder lift centimeter he was almost at two centimeters and deepen centimeters by 12 and draw a round neckline Well, I do not want me to be the throat is here It was see when you raise for balance sheet
  • 10:15: here cut you off you do not must coincide here only the upper part see see here width is exactly from center transmission 8 and here 8 is the depth quite different for so that to us here here I am here opened 12 of the
  • 10:45: point you can to open there 10 11 depending on what do you want our that the increase in balance is here already do not only the upper part temper before and plus on seam a little
  • 11:15: very like this naki darling in her fast if you do it this will be light white or beige and black or some other the running of such a glass of a minute to us need as convenient and anakin something pile with spring to iron it is taken from woolen fabric from cotton from anything
  • 11:45: please see our back our shelf but I wanted here round ends means that's under the large ends excellent and we know that
  • 12:22: the wrong side is known the underside I am now sweep away two minutes periodicity of the back you need to pull out all pins so now we will begin
  • 12:52: sweep away our jacket now its up I throw the length on me I already just have such a jacket I you Then I'll show you and decided this edge show you now before the throw will remain this shevchik sweep away like this captain as if these are such frivolous things very help us
  • 13:22: diversify our wardrobe but how many cloakrooms can be serious there I'll go my jackets costumes for us lace and so on but this incomprehensible thing times you put on and already sing somehow fresh you look in the morning got up where the breeze threw 1 very convenient course who wears jeans or trousers of course need for length and this is the length under the skirts from skirts under the dresses
  • 13:52: now we turn and dress ourselves note that here it is in this there is no such place special surpluses as though I try not to simplify your work show them something and more complex but sometimes so needed here
  • 14:22: such easy execution of things easy cut without patterns that we could scatter the fabric quick quickly cut something with scribble and to leave already in something newcomer here soon Spring needs something throw on a dress that cover a little bit Shoulders please Here is the same guitar you will help subscribe to our channel find out our novelties follow and we we will try help you be diverse and such more the most interesting good with you were we are the spider of irina mihaylovna is his flexia