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Handwork soap in the form of a rose + packing washed DIY  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want to share with you how to do here such soap in the form of Rose and today we need soap the basis of the form itself roses perfume pigment titanium dioxide alcohol cups and chopsticks
  • 00:31: the first thing we cut on the basis of blocks and expand 2 one cup we will have a glass white and in the second beaker the main color of our rose 1 cup We send in the microwave avku 30 seconds after the foundation add melted bit dioxide titanium and all is well Stir and take
  • 01:01: our form and pour just a little soap base to do like white pollination on slips the flowers as long as the foundation It has not frozen take shape in the hands and her little scroll to white could get all petals and after We give our basis good freeze passed about 5 minutes and now I I take a toothpick and carefully I scratched white layer to layers well grappled Now I will take the second cup with soap base and also I send him to microwave for 30 seconds, then add
  • 01:31: good pigment I stir add flavoring and drizzle alcohol and pour mold We leave our soap in peace for about half an hour and only after we Let us make sure that the soap good frozen it is hard, we can get it from form and is such rosette in the end we turned out bright and beautiful and unusual and and most importantly that she made her hands and on the same Basically, I decided
  • 02:03: make another rosettes only another color for to show you can be as beautiful to wrap up soap for a gift for this will take box and in it as time to put our two roses do bow of satin tape and just such a the beauty of it is already possible will anyone and if you give want more options like packed and beautifully soap necessarily write to me about it comments and I I will try as much as possible likely to make a video at packaging soaps not forget to thumbs up