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Cottage cheese curls in sour cream to filling  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day today I will prepare very delicious soft home very fragrant cheese whorl sour cream fill color is and the dough for flourishes inside cottage cheese and top and filled with cream very tasty so begin start with cooking yeast dough we need to test 100 grams of warm milk and milk Add 3 grams of dry yeast at this time tremor does not eat now high-speed These add Troshina directly flour and adds the liquid they need to be activated add here the floor teaspoon sugar 2
  • 00:30: teaspoons flour general rule all stir up receipt of such as batters pancakes and leave for 30-40 minutes to get us yeast for sugar hours activated and gave foam cap We sift all There are only flour us the recipe It will need 350 grams flour add three a half grams of salt about a teaspoon 50 grams of sugar all stir it all dry ingredients evenly distributed by the volume itself add 50 grams softened or or margarine
  • 01:00: butter 70 grams of sour cream can be take any cream fat but in my sight oily home sour dough tastier and turns We rub the all in crumbs along the way tell It is desirable for this test use margarine and margarine enough quality and bold fat content 82 percent there is quite against margarine on to knead butter itself adds yeast mash you surely pay attention to what was attacked Toshka formed Foam I cap it knows that the yeast they can live
  • 01:30: loosen the dough if a foam cap No it means that the yeast replace all stir and knead the dough medium consistency the dough should was not very not very tight thick at the same time it's okay keep the shape of any no way spread not unravel after kneading the dough Cover and leave on October 15 minutes rest During this time the flour will absorb moisture forms gluten and the dough will be easier Knead after rest but will not significantly softer, and then we You will need it knead well knead the dough
  • 02:00: We will dry table without flour dough is so sticky case actually do not need stir if needed long enough somewhere 7-10 minutes to smooth Flexibility good Stir closely the other to the touch and you surely it feel if Suddenly you feel knead time you just pinpoint zanachil saw seven minutes is the test third fold thread but since I have happened test result if you leave it then this hole with your finger fossa rectified kneaded dough rounded collect
  • 02:30: the ball put in a bowl cover with no leave the plate your its volume if you have time very preferably after first test recovery obmyat this rise then the second time Section 200 of its time no one can carve dough after the first lifting for filling us It will need 500 grams cottage cheese is not cheese dry enough As for the home here warms and 100 grams sugar sugar you You can take a greater or less taste all stir and the filling is ready I note in passing that
  • 03:00: For the filling, you can not to use only home cottage cheese we generally will approach absolutely any but only if This moist curds need to cope with this humidity or his previously answer on the face to an extra glass liquid and have Add stuffing I'm a little flour or grated crumbs which everything inside directly before laying in dough because after adding wings sugar it can give fluids the filling will that wet undesirable this time laid coming up the dough into
  • 03:30: podpylenny flour desktop and now I do so that Roll out the dough layer rectangle a thickness of about half centimeters although you you can roll thinner and thicker Depending on what kind of kind of ears you want to rolled dough Put the stuffing on stuffing it fairy out with directly dough because I filling enough dry if you good filling will wet it makes meaning first batter waking grated breadcrumbs and then to spread on crackers curd those who needed to crackers
  • 04:01: to them at might need absorbs excess moisture This dough is baking 1 kla dough curd folding tight roll very tight it is not necessary to turn off hi enough free note which is about a couple centimeters with the far edge of the dough it is for us now I left dvizheny free without filling in order to after the master Roll the dough into a roll we could well elaborate shock shock We are working well
  • 04:34: bond calculate rolls and then Roll cut into views the thickness of the lugs form the lugs depends on your desire can cut into more thick Vetoshkina thinner I happened exactly twenty pieces and thick now Hard to say at about where the centimeter 3 after As the entire roll I will be sliced because Fold the point at pan the laid paper for baking Cover and leave 40 minutes which is hour for proofing
  • 05:04: dough in this recipe dense enough sour cream suits it is not very fast not willingly and It requires long-term proofing time if easy to be it is not enough views ears are obtained tight process proofing should significantly increase in volume just visually increase almost double Cover and leave notice how come kind of ears before baking for about 5-7 minutes before landing in oven waking point smazhem an adjustable egg is just an egg that
  • 05:35: Loose squirrel may add It can be a little sugar add a little milk can be just permission or excuse the egg and neatly lubricates and cockerels then the prosthetist in preheated 180200 degrees Celsius oven to browning while in the kind of ears oven baked cooked cream Fracture fill us will need 200 grams sour cream and dining sugar spoon Stir and our ready to fill you can fill use sugar more less Depending on your
  • 06:05: you can even taste cook sour cream fill without any just sugar cream and also can be cream take any fat course home fat sour cream is can be tastier use 20 tiprotsentnuyu sour cream and then view hot ears immediately after baking I against just He pulled out of the oven lubricate the sour cream not pouring cream sorry lubricates richly covered and leave for sweet ears to cool to you can even warm leave them to
  • 06:35: well steamed until cool I Vitushkin aprotinin lie tight enough therefore I will not to shift greased directly on the baking sheet and Cover with foil and if you leave bettas will lie It can not come on you have a sense of their shift in grease the pan Methane cover and also leave the cat view tabs Astana Date swam rented shift the foil at a point serving dish you can call the tea and as our cheese view tabs sour cream not ready to fill will remain
  • 07:05: traditional Pryatnogo prepare tea This is very true delicious very fragrant very at home if your not obtained a Levite ears wet trust no delicious soft fragrant on this I He says goodbye Well, I do not say goodbye thanks that were with I watched a video all of you very, very good