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Binding of edge \"Rachy step\" second way. Knitting lessons hook. Lessons crochet for beginners  See details »

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  • 00:00: I welcome you and as promised in this video tutorial we will continue with you to consider tying product rachim move quickly varieties other steps on In the last lesson, we you looked the most simple way jagged if anyone does not saw that it is necessary return to this hand and try do this
  • 00:31: strapping but today we also have step but a little bit he will be more look so we begin also for we are doing one air loop and so same as the previous one Are we next loops stretch pull out the eyelet and We sew through two Now we are making a hole and air loops and
  • 01:03: leave again hook is not needed in the following loop a after 1 pull out and we sew 4 loops again we sew 2 air loops and again through one we fasten the loops together
  • 01:33: a hole and air and through 1 loop finish with us as once it turned out Hurricane and number that's what I have it turned out that to before the skin became
  • 02:03: more convex very for me it is cute and beautiful at this on today all next video tutorial we will consider another way strapping products step by step so stay with me subscribe to my channel and write together with me deliver