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  • 00:00: Hello my Name Is Nadia Ageev today I decided to share with you a secret I I cope with the impending century perhaps you've seen is a video about why I need a beautician I recommend watch this video because in it I did some previews to Today's video I repeat for those who do not saw I thought for a long time that all I'm getting old in I hang forever and looking at his mother which is the same I thought that the problem
  • 00:31: is genetic and everything is no turning back I went to the beautician before that age home I already inflicted such oil on the skin is nothing this did not help it all hung and hung and she told me that in fact it is the ability to skin aging and swelling that is, given the fact that it lots of water you must do special massage in order to exactly like air and what I do
  • 01:01: first I inflicted teabags standard procedures boilers which all begin the fight against the impending century that is sealed strong tea but I really bags is not very like I inflicted just brewed tea large sheet then cotton swabs the tea leaves and superimposed on the eyes for 20 minutes after which but as if the effect was but not very good then
  • 01:31: there is no such direct helm when I was a beautician advised to make some massage I I started doing this massage every day Now it's been about 10 days, plus use with a special cream something you show it and as a result now I have no impending century and I do not have this insanely glad so you may should appeal and because it is regular massage ring finger which is less likely force and which is better
  • 02:01: just massage the area around the eyes great will be our massagers massage around the eye do I move camera to make you best shown by liquid pressing not under the eyebrows and then go here money its such circular motion presses and here Here's need press some forces you can even if you Apply the cream on the sting will buy stretched if a little skin afraid to stretch it
  • 02:30: just click here this will I have enough slightly I stretched and Press or that is, Only at the top lower eyelid child gently inflicted what cream I I use and cosmetologist me I recommend I bought this cream in salon called liqueur and clicks you read You can view I can not see anything to Unfortunately clicks company with a derma I do not know remember it
  • 03:02: professional some cosmetics the way that I firstly I liked that day there is such a stick that that I began to think about click or name will this once They drove off but I do not have I hope that all of us people and nothing wrong with that I a video is not prepared I did not write the script therefore it is better if It is better then that it is a human that I liked it here there is a spatula like a child knows
  • 03:31: that the best cream apply it spatula because if we do, we do not disinfect stood there alcohol under the fingers Nail skin when climb into the jar and then if use your finger instead of sticks rubbed with alcohol it's here It created a great breeding ground for microbes First here this wand already fly for the first time I saw in time a because with wand childhood I knew that I needed just such
  • 04:00: but stick them anywhere has not only if we discover what teksturku we here She can see gel and very easy to apply this would Shennikov that some sort of a blank Vodicka but can say that this I use cream about a week and massage make about 10 days because I I had to just wait for this cream until you brought very pleased he results the truth is not cheap and I I paid for the cabin He did not remember how many
  • 04:30: because I bought but its program about 30 euros I Now make mistakes but where the so-but they say that it will be enough long plus I the problem was urgent so I I was ready Operate something wanted to do save your eyelids but I I think that if you You start doing though to massage how at least it will already give fruit and plus it is very important that when impending eyelid if she like me hanging from the swelling does not
  • 05:00: must be applied no oil because it is only aggravate the situation whether to do worse perhaps you have some retseptiki sovetiki write in comments vagina that people who browsing this Video will be interesting not just look video itself but also passed read them to commentary so write share your recommendations will pleased so far