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  • 00:00: hello today We will do the flowers of protein custard this cream recipe will ssylochku below our cream is ready to we do roses need Culinary carnations not all it can buy not everyone has it so here I will show how to make it their own hands ordinary cap We perform in the middle stud hole insert cloves cut off square foil plump-plump wrap our the lid is pressed against the
  • 00:31: table to the top some remained flat tight and stifle horse foil checks wrap around carnations and here we Now this has turned beautiful cooking carnations on it can make our flowers take nasadochku now I'm a star I show you how to decorate Out of the corner's nozzle star she universal s It can be both out of the corner draws and
  • 01:01: just decorate cake-wrenching our bag at hand for comfort filling and cream pushed to the cream and horoshenechko horoshenechko to I left the air that there is no stayed in the air is not zavozdushivaem then cream and we were very it is convenient to us squeeze on honor and will air Cream was also slips will such as it breaks in cream-wrenching our bag and neatly
  • 01:32: pushes cream it fully I went up in nasadochku ease of convenient put it and the handle push good that he filled full at the bottom of our bag held in nasadochku and barely even need the cream seemed and the nozzle is that the whole air came here neatly cream and firmly fix our tight twirl Our top of the bag except when pressing on bag cream will try to bring
  • 02:03: up so it is better stifle the top package between the thumb and forefinger and do here such zavitochki it's all done An asterisk in the nozzle early in the bag to press at the end of to make such leg just let go pack a bag, we do not press on it and nozhechka such here stretched obtained like this Here beautiful uzorchik Out of the corner of our cake also can uzorchik make one Now all of our side
  • 02:33: curls look at one way you can that they do We looked at the edge can do to they looked at the middle of a possible just to make here so on spiral evenly pushing the bag squeezing cream it turns out here such that's just a spiral Cheka and you can make just an asterisk on Out of the corner or asterisks make some risunochek centered simply click pick up
  • 03:03: release possible to do one more thing this uzorchik ie whorl feet go down to the edge of the cream a very compliance can be Different figures do you can simply do wave lifts petelechka slightly and return it stretch here it turns out here such here Miscellaneous uzorchiki you choose What do you like Here Head roses on her plait cut krayushek
  • 03:33: and one edge little puddle other wider at stud squeezing a cream PIROZHENKO such let's say we do first seredinku our roses and we do zavitochek connect it is now closing nasadochku keep always slant down the has a wider bottom up already and starting from the bottom lifting up do as a wave here and so
  • 04:03: slowly make our petals here turned bud and so you can leave decorate it will as the bud if you like rosettes More impose next petals each lepestochek starts from previous overlapping krayushek that's so beautiful Shanker we already it happened can keep it a if you want to rosettes more just add petals take scissors Spreading
  • 04:33: lift rosettes scissors you completely Do not connect otherwise your flower fall just when you put it on cake scissors closed rosettes removed Now I'll show you how make rosettes slightly closed the you have nasadochku keep narrow side up more pressing her our flowers they both nasadochki a little bit bulged ir bud you it turns over
  • 05:03: that is closed petals not recline and it turns out they do not even blooming floret each lepestochek here starts from previous and Each time, each beside petals getting longer likewise scissors lift our flower omitted on the cake scissors closing you can help stud that prose Cheka they twisted Now I'll show you how
  • 05:34: make open rosette to her petals were deployed and our flower bloom just do seredinku here It was such a middle, we is now up nasadochki we like a little bit they bulge Conversely slightly presses in our flowers and our petals accurately disclosed as well as to all rosette every lepestochek starts from previous
  • 06:05: overlapping krayushek We make a wave each lepestochek each ryadochek petals longer Here is an open beautiful rosette in we turned We put it on too cake flowers can do different from small buds to very large flowers Now I'll show you how working nozzle we can take a leaf that's just a bag cut edge plenochki
  • 06:35: it if you do not nozzle perehodnichka made under the cone ie it pops not nasadochka It needs only a little exceed the limits our bags gut-wrenching bag protein on hand cream each portion before how to put the bag desirable Stir because protein is beaten in foam mass that is it lot has Statement of air so before apply it in confectionery bag it's desirable horoshenechko
  • 07:05: So we mix We filled our bag likewise produce air horoshenechko fill our nasadochku leads Here it is necessary to zavozdushena let the air that's crushed all our cream went there twirl bag cream to the top issued to only pass through nasadochku and pressing nasadochku sloped But in 45 degrees We do leaves from
  • 07:35: matter what you want lead a more stand just start over vertical hold nasadochku if to leaf down more horizontally omit nasadochku The longer you press cream on the more It turns you on leaf width exactly also head leaf you can make a pen on the cupcakes are very look beautiful and exactly the same thingies can be done and on the edge of the cake also be very look beautiful nasadochku one side leaf
  • 08:06: nestles a cake the other a little bit lifts and here such thingies beautiful you it turns out bags more slice you see more it is ready for NASA probe from already produced flowers that is, they should not be output now such ready nasadochka one bag we reserve without nozzle his we cream filling just as we gut-wrenching bag to fill it with his hand cream
  • 08:37: and the second bag we insert nasadochku this is done make it very convenient change tips if you all flowers will be one color then it is very convenient you do not need will extrude full cream through tip to get and change it to another under we Cream fully to the Out of the corner of our cut-off bags Now extrude Now take a bag beater
  • 09:07: his gut-wrenching Hold on to nasadochku that it does not He jumped out of the hold nasadochku and our cut package with cream paste directly into the nozzle and Now we will how to squeeze the cream to two Kulka that is, we their plump here are pressed against each other spinning and this is our Cream is ready to work presses nasadochku to make
  • 09:37: flower of such nasadochki and and a little bit presses slightly squeeze reception and stuck to it pick you You feel when you You begin to squeeze cream he seems to be himself repels nasadochku here are beautiful flowers obtained through such nasadochki they are very different different kinds of flowers that through these nasadochku possible make two-color tricolor Creams that is, for this you one packet
  • 10:08: invest several different colors cream here to change we nasadochku our gut-wrenching bag and pull out the inside with cream Now he even stretched together with a nozzle nasadochku we shoot We clothe our other nasadochku already be completely different flowered here we it dress and our vdevaem Package is very conveniently Decorate your and cakes, they will have you are very beautiful dressy
  • 10:38: if the first time and that did not work do not sweat it all cream workout can make to one protein will calculate sugar and brew water Siropchik and exercise the Cream then need take a spoon spread on a loaf of there will be very so tasty Train everything You do not get worry I also did not immediately all flowers obtained important to throughout adapt and all will have
  • 11:08: here are great beautiful flowers in we get from if this nasadochki Suddenly you something it is not clear or you something in doubt or you need some advice on how to do that or another flower please always you can help put huskies class subscribe to my channel I will be very glad