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  • 00:00: Hello from Germany I'm happy welcome you to your kitchen today as promised cook caused and canned oily fish here it caught mackerel so it is already gutted here Such is the fish I'm pretty I She look at me drools want it
  • 00:30: in any form salted, smoked all that much smells and Now move our it is necessary to cut what should be done you need to remove the head need not canned and delete But if you cook scissors all fins
  • 01:00: they give us too canned goods are not needed heart is and Get out of the tail, too He wore gloves to less then hands smelled like fish because mackerel that uranium is not
  • 01:30: such an intense a smell that's on the kitchen worth and that's all All horizontal bars removed and Now cut into pieces somewhere Well three centimeters not much flickers Well, that should be one way how one plavnichok
  • 02:05: here with me yet I stayed one fish one two three 4 May six pieces 6 pieces and add these pieces of the cup and Now when all the fish I Forums I'll wash these pieces cold water and then continue
  • 02:35: I pass out and show What will i do on here I 2 kilograms of fish here six of these huge beautiful fishes and I continue to fish He brushed washed cold water and Now what we need we have 500 milliliters boiled water here potatoes boiled it I have a 500 milliliter or two kilos
  • 03:05: fish I take 4 bags black tea you can make normal tea not from bags will even better here 500 milliliters of water at two kilograms of fish 4 bags of black tea I INDISCO than so and relinquish let him aside
  • 03:36: brewed can not add tea can take just water but tea gives a very tasty and canned so I send cook will direct here in pressure cooker send pan fish on add 2 laurel leaf if you like bay leaf
  • 04:07: I do not add more very much like bay leaf so I add changed from 2 leaf and now I We need black pepper peas and I take a mixture of peppers I have here the black pepper and coriander and here so that's not regretting well somewhere teaspoon we need two peppers
  • 04:37: tablespoons salt per kilogram general tablespoon without top here and so and loves to fish quarrels 2 tablespoons and here the ship 250 milliliters
  • 05:07: vegetable oil in I'm here this glass 125 milliliters so I will and oil do not feel sorry oil in me and sunflower a little bit I do not want it Stir to avoid break so here's a little bit and so to shake so smooth the fish and
  • 05:39: on our brewed Tea is now a chic remove for bike and all this here welding fill fish and Now to add more
  • 06:14: 200 grams of boiling water and 3300 Now here and so should look Fish should be almost It is closed but not I should almost like this Now located fully fully brine nothing I
  • 06:44: bothering like that's all further include pressure cooker cover with a lid I will set a timer for 20 minutes and after 20 minutes disconnect the cooker and then you need to wait when the lid but will need to be here because when the lid opened it conservative will be there even boil and here while
  • 07:14: it boils we need during this time spread out and jars and roll if you have a normal if such a pressure cooker like I mean cook like boils as a closed cover 20 minutes if you normal it means a pressure cooker cook one o'clock my it will be a pressure cooker twice as fast or even three times faster in general in this 20 minutes of normal
  • 07:44: pressure cooker should be 1 hour boil so long I cooked my fish cooking jar but two kilograms fish somewhere 4 floor liter jars you need to prepare and these jars needed wash well and sterilize microwave all Now I'm doing it here I closed I put 2 here is 20 minutes and includes
  • 08:18: in 20 minutes completely disabled and We will wait until open the lid so My cover is opened and here's a look fish there's still boils banks ha yarn seen so something is going on there it still boils cover
  • 08:49: and now ready to take and impose a small fish as closely as possible fish can impose spoon and then pour Now this here Vodicka miss this mass to how to less break and tour I love when it's whole stays on
  • 09:21: to the top of pour Vodicka bay I throw him a sheet and pepper if catches the sent to the bank here's the full jar I gained so not forget it very, very hot roll up here and flip
  • 09:56: on the cover and now impose further and keep such fish you need to cool place the refrigerator is not sure I keep her and Kelly in the basement the floor on the floor putting on Cold cement and she's fine
  • 10:28: worth and believe me it preserves a long time you do not stand and can be someone tell me Why cook yourself Canned first a canned you us never buy this can take a this heart is not sold in Germany all you need to tell something for every
  • 10:59: different canned Well home always tastier and then suddenly raided guests you can always Treat ready small fish or when you are in me when you have the whole day garden or there somewhere
  • 11:31: or you go hiking you can take with you such fish are going to nature or when you not when you have the whole day at work came quickly decoction potatoes ready fish and all, and even cook fish soup Turks quickly very well with the fish and so on
  • 12:02: concert and it is very very very tasty jars stood on cover nothing then everything flows in order and you are here are four jars and if it turns out someone like my recipe can I think repeat House will be happy
  • 12:32: your party and ability and I wish all Bon Appetit and see you soon on my kitchen until all