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  • 00:00: hey guys it's a Leeds and welcome back to my cupcake addiction today I'm going to be showing you guys how to make my super simple cheats fruit flan also known as a fruit tart the things you're going to need to make your incredibly easy and utterly delicious fruit flan I've got some whole milk I've got some crushed cookies now you can use any kind
  • 00:31: of a white cookie that you like graham crackers I'm using milk Aero roots whatever you can find I've got some pudding mix this is going to be the way that we cheat today and don't have to spend ages making custards and all the different bases and I've also got a selection of fruit so my fruit I've gone with mangoes and blueberries and strawberries because they're in season at the moment and a little bit of mint for that hint of green and a little bit of melted butter I'm going to present my tart today in a nice long fluted pan that's got like a removable base and that's going to help me get it out
  • 01:01: really easily because the base on this is going to be a little fragile we're not gonna bake it it's that easy let's get started first up two ingredients our butter and our cookies and we're going to make a no-bake base for our tart so I'm just going to pour over the butter and stir it through if you're looking for all of the measurements quantities and conversions for today's recipe I'm going to leave it on the my cupcake addiction comm website and you should be able to go there print the recipe out and keep it because you're going to want to make this all the time this is one of those recipes that everybody presumes you've been spending ages making and you
  • 01:32: can really whip it up in about 15 minutes it's the ultimate cheats dessert some cookies might be a little bit more thirsty than others I've got a couple of brands of cookie that just soak up the butter and I don't know if it's because they're a little more shortbread II but what you're looking for is a consistency almost like a cake pop dough or a very sort of a like cookie dough you want it to hold its own shape together so if you need to adjust your butter quantity a little bit and add a little more definitely feel free to do so you don't want to dry base I'm going to put that face nice and evenly into my tart shell and I'm like a fair bit of base when I
  • 02:02: make a top whether it's a cheesecake whether it's a smaller spire whatever it is I cannot get enough cookie base it's going to look like a lot but we're gonna press it down and once you press it down it's gonna be quite a lot less the trick to a really nice neat edge is to make sure that you're pushing your cookie base up and over and then we can use a knife to trim it off and that's how you get that really nice kind of wavy edge that you see in restaurants and Baker when you use the base of a cup just to make sure I've got a really nice tight compacted base and also to kind of press it into the sides and then I'm just
  • 02:33: going to take a knife and just kind of run it along the outside edge you can let it fall outside or inside but if you let it fall inside you need to smooth it back off again you can see that even though we had a mountain of cookie once it's all pressed down trimmed off neatened up it's really not too much base just enough if you ask me so my pudding mix says that I should be using 700 mils per mix but I'm going to take it down by 1/3 so I've only got a leader for two pudding mixes you want this to be quite a nice thick pudding so whatever your pudding packet mixture calls for take it down by 1/3 when it
  • 03:03: comes to adding that milk I'm going to pull the milk into the bowl first because I don't want lumpy pudding and then as I'm whisking I'm going to sprinkle my pudding mixture over the top you want to make sure you definitely keep whisking here or it will get lumpy I have experience in this with pudding you've generally got about five minutes until it starts to set it starts to set quite quickly so you want to get it into your base before it starts to set make sure that you've got no lumps and then
  • 03:34: I'm going to pour it back into my jug and then I'm going to use the jug to pour it into the pan so that I get a really nice neat fit rather than trying to pour it out of that big wide bowl and then it goes give it a nice tap alright we're going to put that in the fridge for 15 minutes and let that put in completely set before we put a new fruit on top the great thing about this recipe you can use flavored pudding if you want you can use coloured pudding you do something like a pistachio or a
  • 04:04: strawberry depending on what your favorite flavors are once your taps all set all you need to do now is lay the fruit so I cut my mango kind of into these like little half circles and I'm just going to layer that on first to kind of section it out because I want to make sure that my guests get a nice piece in each bite when you guys are choosing your fruit for this go with whatever's in season but try to pick a nice assortment of color so I've got my yellow in my mango I've got some red some blue and then that little bit of green in the mint they're more colorful the more inviting your fruit flan or
  • 04:34: fruit tarts going to be on go as strawberries and then five I'm going to fill in on my little gaps in Pilot high with blueberries and then finally to finish off just a couple of sprigs of green I've got the green on there for my strawberries too but I always love how fresh mint is especially in something like a fruit salad so it's going to be the perfect accompaniment flavor-wise to my fruit tart we're done that is your no big 15 minute fruit tart I love how simple this is but more importantly I love how everybody thinks that it took me a lot longer to make
  • 05:04: than it actually did before you serve that to your guests you want to make sure that you put it in the fridge for about an hour to let that base completely set and let that butter firm again you can just pop it straight out of your little springform face serve it up and let everybody be amazed at your four hours in the kitchen if you're not re subscribed to the channel make sure you do for two new videos every week if you want to see more no bake baking ideas I will leave a link to the no bake playlist down below and as always guys thanks very much for watching