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(101) 2 Hat a hook Robin Crochet hat Robin Hood 2 - YouTube

(101) 2 Hat a hook Robin Crochet hat Robin Hood 2 - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: crochet hat robin on us moms channel This is part 2 we were binding just such hat robin style Hood the first part we They tied the major fabric for this cap end of the video lesson I usually I leave a reference on all part of the tutorial video the whole playlist we linked here is painting in this part we will be here this boundary stripes knit and projecting circle will be connected at
  • 00:30: We base web hats We continue to knit with the same little corner where finished We do one air turn knitting so that we knit along the long our rectangle shall knit rachim step provyazyvaem like without a regular column nakida new Kolyvan
  • 01:00: do the opposite knitting direction We go along the strip which we connected from left to right injected into each row Now it turns out we have a hem on the edge our paintings dovyazyvaem number to that's the end of the knit
  • 01:31: before the end of this scar from We are now at the top side of our hats and that's the way You will then need close to the ring with a we now overlaps We will knit more we will capture the rear stenochku that our Hem Now there's the back such loops
  • 02:02: look closely at not over the top but it is hind here this eyelet top it is such a loop large and the rear they loops located somehow diagonal and small you need to pick up we just provyazyvaem the rear stenochku that we hem it bulged if we knit for hem at the top
  • 02:32: we just merge Now it turns out that's so, he will protrude and canvas, as it were bends top there and back again almost to the end of this series we will provyazyvaem like this But for the rear wall regular columns without sc
  • 03:02: Now we come to this place where we It begins planochka and here came this planochki bind columns will not we do not nakida Last conquer here that the rear stenochku hem and immediately is passed over rear stenochku 2
  • 03:33: end of the web and provyazyvaem column without sc and now We go to the second row and he will be on the spiral further and on the rear stenochku columns, without sc provyazyvaem the rear stenochku that we then, too, formed scar so here lies in We already attached
  • 04:04: canvas is planochka we have consolidated at this place and here is such a scar will be pick out because we were binding bars without sc above the bars the rear wall It can be done primerochku our cap because you can just adjust because otlizhi ubavki or you can link more Right here the web
  • 04:35: here you can have it so I pull e.g. two linked number of spiral without ubavok but can be You need someone I knit more I will do already have butterflies need count the number eyelets on the whole range here that this our caps for example I turned seventy
  • 05:07: eight loops These 700 8 May we distribute schematically depict as a circle that is our cap circle seventy eight loops here and so on circle we distributed We have suspended divided into 6 parts this circle that is seventy eight our tabs 6 divide turns 13
  • 05:38: here loops in each if this sector these loops in each sector numbered from 1 to 13 is obtained front row with ubavkami we need to December 13 knit together you in the next row November 12 and the next ten eleventh and so on in each sector and we will
  • 06:08: move on spiral to the center in each of this 6 sectors on the one eyelet in each series will diminish Here we are in beginning of the series beginning a number we control our bar 1 2 3 loop knit 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11, 12 and 13 we like so
  • 06:53: provyazyvaem together made from butterfly one or two provyazat 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and the following 13 provyazyvaem together then again 11 provyazyvaem usually
  • 07:25: the rear stenochku December 13 together here we get will have six such butterflies around the perimeter if you happened not as smooth number that was divided into 6 100 e.g. for example you certainly more will 100 we divide by six for the we get to 16 and 66 not evenly shared
  • 07:57: we should highlight this is exactly the number of 16 to see how much is if you multiply 690 6 eyelets obtained from its there were 96 we would all beautifully laid down that is 4 loops should we first remove to align our Here is the number of just a circle in anywhere 4 times like that evenly
  • 08:27: distribute them Now you take away Take away this is how we are now 2 together provyazyvali here just Only four times put away the 4 loops, and we is 96 and now already for the next circle and ninety six loops we easily have split 6 to 16 is obtained loops and now the main thing the amount we
  • 08:58: It will be just as from 1 to 16 provisionally allocate numbered them and that's 15 to 16 together following a series of 14 15 with the next row thirteenth fourteenth and so also we will go each sector to have butterflies and come in These main center first extra how much you have not happened These unnecessary loops and remove then everything to align and here we are this dovyazali
  • 09:28: where a number of 12 and 13 provyazyvalis together it's the last our loops here I obtained here by old in butterflies to new loops 11 and 13 December knit together We start a new circle where we have 11 and 12 should provyazyvatsya
  • 09:59: together, not again We believe have but consider the principle it will be clear where do u butterfly because a butterfly on the butterfly will occur every time but, in principle, We believe here we get previous loop is 11 and and picks itself a butterfly's Collar on it 12 days provyazyvaem together then again 12
  • 10:29: three four five six seven eight nine Ten 1112 provyazyvaem and so together around circle on us It will be next Lap 10 11 together then nine or ten
  • 10:59: together, and so it has not yet get to that Now when the time We circle has become here is a little here I it turns out that's it line to the case butterflies that It comes from the strip are you monitor that here and so these lines should be beautiful a whorl lays down means you a butterfly do not properly canvas
  • 11:29: beautiful shrinks here I have a circle when I need to have one loop provyazat and the second and third provyazyvayutsya together 1 loop 2 and 3 together and so the circle are six times 1 February 3 1 2 3 together place
  • 12:02: get to that stripes ubavok that It comes from planochki came here and here we must even now do a first and second provyazyvat like butterfly January 2 together on February 1
  • 12:32: together and also so 6 1 3 4 5 And last 6 all reached the place where butterflies come
  • 13:03: of the strap can be cut thread pull it away to the wrong side and now tighten the remaining hole just each loop which have we have here threaded like this way thread will stretch out
  • 13:33: too few such stitch off and then it is possible for this thread He pulled from stretching hole completely imperceptibly and then we make a few Stitches like these that we entrenched and thread then hide this on the underside of the tip side so yes He threw off his cap basically the top left to sew just beautiful
  • 14:03: we share buttons tails in the group Mamochkin channel in contact with you see on the screen a reference to the whole playlist and the first part please leave feedback and comments under the video it helps the development of Thank you for your channel Attention