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  • 00:00: hello everyone, I decided make such little not bender snip ring hy ring bender and I have Do profilegib return but to ring INT I do not have nothing that I decided quickly zabatsat all puzzled how is to do everything just and functionally well in Basically kind of like I decided to stay all this business gathering
  • 00:30: then how it will all who work here it is interesting to pipe pro 60 60 4 millimeter size I will say later there others have to measure at the end of roller necessarily I will say in all the highlights without any difference in my Ingredients 12 if anyone interested in the People do not remember indifferent means it will work but understandable since bearings on small
  • 01:00: if my someone has a post at the same time by tighteners example car receiving means here It is small zazorchik necessarily here to this we part of it is still circumcised here this part will spin pushing the blame here This hairpin here It will be drilled but there will also be lumen as that is there will I bolts of just
  • 01:30: happening through and here It will be the rotok watercourse which I do not only Rita this arch is not present therefore it is necessary coming up from the I found that there are means steel Shamir I've got I lay well on scrap did not throw it is and will begin he ball himself to us now! where is here and so cut off on top of him will
  • 02:01: bring outdoor advertising and it may well screwed Here, too, the finger will be cut will break here on this finger will spinning circumcised a staff that is very mate and this part will ride should definitely will leave I'm zazorchik probably somewhere too millimeter with people that
  • 02:31: Grip the summer that is It is here plate It will have a plate This part is already with us It will not go away and It will take This plate will be curve with fever carved or sliced I will write and here is our thread and here is Cover stand here here lid But with a five band there thickness is 2 washers which will push
  • 03:01: back and forth Well now there the whole thing to collect like I explained everything Well it is clear that someone is if it is not clear will and then ask Now I continue quietly continue is part of It remained almost ready only the top fasten itself
  • 03:31: lamb means like we will move this part here inquiry if the case cover from with five bands thread cutting tired but it is not then you need to like this for Kent shaft that is Now the puck nipples load teak it will not be it will pull pull this one the slider will be back
  • 04:02: Now, this cap will nice normal welded because she will push all will be
  • 04:35: I welded a cover Gadget thought that thread can rip but such elements 5 In total there will be cut off the excess points and put the thief so it we will drive left very little here is something looms means here is clear
  • 05:06: a node made here It is superfluous but here probably by re tion is here welded servant such jacks Now write this piece but even with the lifting there is even a mechanism It will be bearing power supply which stands on jack that is here this part can be taken tantra is Now grab Now this record then 2 and platelets from below
  • 05:39: 1 and perhaps it will be legs are legs small can be some ears that fasten the table or screwed I will through the bearing table made locks here patronage here bearing and here you will but until we put on total twist we all in and out understandable but how did mechanism basically all just easier not to
  • 06:09: It is left very little drill holes bearings about promises otvetstvii by himself town and cut off superfluous here pen drive means That's how this whole thing It happened here demountable a cold spot 0 but little need for 6
  • 06:40: drill through reason why raises knob here three Bearing windbag 12 threaded but handed it over krutilki only here Profile help 15 take such arches and Chinese carving Ate hope I am seen
  • 07:14: here it all start slip as well everything worked out pretty bad It means that I am now I'm going to do here I will cut here too but to cut off pull and there I have been within Come on something come up with that is, I have here is this one shaft goes through completely to the bottom here in two bands and here such plate
  • 07:45: four that is, someone like that I will be interesting put by jack here this part as well in the principle will not bad I liked it but immediately turns I wanted to put here I am counting reducer sweating on and many well a few days ago and will continue there further on go after the alteration will show that then it means I
  • 08:16: I dismantled here drank up to pull out the carriage as I have here stands on his hands here this axis I are here otrezhem strip that when you I make a new opening procedure to stem it is disassembled dance top It is simply gorgeous
  • 08:46: there is such a powerful force I think that's bearing it is not to fall off I broke into a thread the mole does not draw well it is prokatyval ie from the pressure and junk Well Chinese feet brilliant today zasandalil the jack not just to jack China has been and see what You will know it But the second edition I hope all the latest enters and leaves more
  • 09:18: better than would now be little will let the Gadget way possible put may spring across such that it depressed constantly well or well be locknut constantly found 2 I do not have the nuts proved trouble nuts just all try Now the arches unfinished close to the ring all structures we have here
  • 09:48: a reason second but part of it without the nuts I would also like somewhere but it will be useful pulled another jack and try make here are tisochki corner yes it is under 90 degrees is there is on channel obzorschik I have someone You find interesting You can clamp different Details round and square there triangular though which basically nothing no complicated as Mantra yes here I get one
  • 10:19: moving part there's one and 2 Well worth a new here I do not have it as it has been here still do not miss We will do tisochki but now I try the whole thing is still bend in the ring I turned on
  • 12:22: pretty good but even at this it profile can bend still smaller ring as you can see I do not have here no projections notches wherein ring bit counted as it were the very turned in principle I surprised myself
  • 12:56: quality spin well, I do not know how you do not like I am satisfied Here such unpretentious machine for two days and ready and saved on a lot of money so that go for all your power if something It is not clear but ask I think I have explained and showed how to so everything is clear Well what can I bear can be taught still above the wheels doctors go as a
  • 13:26: says one officer and everything is much easier that's it all thank you miss It is still very much interesting to goodbye