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  • 00:00: fashion cycle back volume brooches in wardrobe modern woman Now in addition to its exclusively utilitarian function they play a role bright accessory and become owner this favors may every woman without large financial costs for this we need tape different textures and width Beads scissors and glue and thread a little patience and your magic hands Take for a start two preparations from wide satin ribbons each length 15
  • 00:30: centimeters spread them Picture of ribbons better to use velvety texture or contrasting color on the glue stick glue tape each other such way to the top formed He arched gap we will need later color combination in this case lay any some like us and coming to a particular outfits following stage flip workpiece and pull each of its edge to middle you now understand why we needed arc-shaped gaps
  • 01:00: on the upper band Now add up Our two blanks that you were a mouse in this way and glue the next tier and we impose tape diagonal and also we glue glue Getting to
  • 01:32: mu laborious step of wide ribbon primary color not longer than 10 centimeters using pencil glue form a square the central part of its will decorate volume buttons without eye free space and hold beads beads Get fantasy use decorative different elements sizes and colors beaded
  • 02:02: core glue brooches Our brooch almost willing to stay sticking the basis for us this need household transparent Allow the glue to glue dry for hours whereupon brooch will be ready to serve you faithfully