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Knitted hook: technology of impressive knitting "огранка". part 1.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello I
  • 00:31: I introduce you to appliances pattern originally cut it served to knitting bundles that used to handles zones for neck ornaments because I like you for Kerry Blankets I modified the pattern with full equipment hopes that it will interesting not only me and It takes its place knitters kopilochku
  • 01:02: on this sample used column with sc and bar without such nakida textured turns the surface is very elegant and today I'll show these two elements better take his bag and yarn appropriate hook there choose chain of the air loops and closes it in Three air ring loops lifts you
  • 01:33: We made the first compartment knit columns with sc each loop knit one post with sc to end of row finished series standard and disconnected from
  • 02:04: on the front side wrong to work hard hook and pull out thread, I decided little change is one I go with seamy side once again in two or three a third loop grab hook pour it does not pull out We know their side close the circle from the bottom pull up loop and pulling In this case, you the seam will be removed
  • 02:34: I make two loops we start lifting hook and output in the next loop and we get that neck first column lies on pulls on the hook hook in the loop knit a column with sc We do nakida and accurately
  • 03:10: 100 is also the same fallen provyazyvaem on the next column it is very important to follow for to this here thread lay it between critic column each slower again introducing the hook Collar column we derive it through adjacent to the loop neck column is
  • 03:40: further on the hook thread put between eyelets columns we derive Commerce thread on the hook They pulled knit and so we continue to knit to the end of the series I went to the completion of a number of provyazyvaem the last column then do sc
  • 04:14: and metal hook will be more convenient we need to show and close this one column we enter favor of a third loop through which closes the circle of 1 Now a number of the shadows and you introducing a hook through this loop is not vyvyazyvayut post with sc
  • 04:44: is now taken closable number again on the reverse side and pull out the thread well below hands it to the Again loops days rise and make sure just repeat all By itself, this pattern
  • 05:15: no such mobility as the most patterns that crochet cut type interesting that has the feature is so I interested opportunity modify it so to knit and then other products not I just circles planning technique tie jacket I asked I sure you
  • 05:47: will introduce to the fact that I get here finished number 3 reached the loop rise just as we start with songs column hook Now enter a loop here provyazyvaem post with sc close it and
  • 06:19: closable with a number of seamy side for loop 1 column a series of pull business from the bottom up get better and farther Now 12 guests finished look of the hotel and show next
  • 06:50: element why It called tank line it does not explain grandmother as a child is It was damp loop decline 45 years ago when he first gave crytek and showed how knit pokemon grant because relief very similar to the brink very similar to armored car you really Tatiana look Now that we
  • 07:21: happened border turned very original and Now we are beautiful will knit columns without doing sc lifting loop 100d kit Angel impose too it feels bars without sc and are no different father provyazyvaniya columns with sc just as the console we start neck hook and print
  • 07:52: for those who have not valid question how many elements I will show show course all equipment all developments go equipment but gradually you will be sufficient time train the profitability of these technology and say
  • 08:22: you need it or not necessary it's interesting I wonder what you are Qi technology will visa quieter you have time enough to remember came to connection column the price is not just a seamy side
  • 08:52: grab the thread many at once loop off we do loop raising but also pictures and knit next column, without sc first fix previous column a number reached the end
  • 09:46: connect opel first 1 st loop and carries it i and pull out the thread well below stretch it and lifting loop provyazyvaem but again if the possibility of such 2 dogs there 2 sc it does not matter anyway Connect a number of driver on the wrong side
  • 10:16: We get such interesting textures see what we aware of the part it turns out here such a wave of interest and here's a look here these parts on the bars without sc turns can double try to link
  • 10:46: skirt in this technology yuko turns Gorgeous little heat and does not light that is see your underwear linen only to be able to who dare to look under the skirt I try to write I will be grateful if you will agree show that you happened share their impressions of the
  • 11:16: as a result, you Now its pretty exhibition remarks maybe I somewhere somehow something else to works but if then there will be any any questions please contact me but now I will answer just long to comply