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Effective pattern columns without nakid

Effective pattern columns without nakid  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good luck and do not I would like you share design I see now But on his zhaketiki yes it is a woolen zhaketik very warm of fat in any way because despite the fact that the summer summer Well it is very cold once you come into store and want to have buy winter yarn
  • 00:30: what I do and fit and winter yarn because that we have you here 15 degrees and not higher raised pattern very simple means I see it right here of these threads of New siemens ka Arina I yarn here I 100 Grams 123 meters from us the composition of 50 grams 50 wool, 50 percent
  • 01:00: 50 percent acrylic wool recommended hooks and needles number 5 7 I see and shestorochka I do not know me I enjoy here These tracks here are obtained so I wanted you about the track tell and pattern very easy ie we were binding one columns, without sc
  • 01:32: some columns without sc but knit at constantly for back stenochku like you know the sweat bars when we knit hook them we there she has re back so stenochka we knit, we were binding for back remains Free Now I dovyazyvayu number of back at third straight I insert the hook in the back stenochku Tavi
  • 02:04: dentition to the edge for a smooth, we do not have the edge was adding added feel close tabs in a row, I can already see so but I do not have eyelet killing a number of non arrives turn around We make the air
  • 02:34: the lifting loop We miss one here loop and knit It should also be sc without a column for stenochku back and us with you a result of it turns out here such raised track where You can apply this pattern anywhere cap and scarf
  • 03:04: Mittens can be vodka as I have a jacket which now I see Ad's start or top and a circle I see it now I further sleeve I will have to I'm here to untie I will go down so it is I recommend a very simple but very impressive and it looks just want
  • 03:34: remind us that regularly held knitting course to learn details in writing PM asking always different topics always different interesting tricks and it is important to us classes are held course means that we starting from the simple and move to a more complicated with you it was Eve of Ephraim to the connection
  • 04:04: see you at classes thanks