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Dress a hook \

Dress a hook \"Small squares\" (a dress No. 6 of poll). Part 6.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my dear needlewoman I'm with you again Svetlana hare and we continue to knit our wonderful crochet dress entitled squares and since You see I have already contacted a little below from armhole line 3 rapport in height as you can see the difference between rows are knitted and rotary circular a little bit minor the difference is, I it Look and see
  • 00:30: draw your own conclusions if you will too different You know then advise knit two webs Section on the back and and a separate shelf so now I will continue to knit his and her dress from line armholes three rapport in the height of your pattern I want to do already decrease waist decrease will do
  • 01:03: on the side squares here at me on the sideline 1 is a repeat of the pattern Now this rapport pattern, we added like if you remember when we knit we armhole this report Now I have added I will do decrease in this place here on the side line on the one hand and likewise with the other side that will I do now
  • 01:33: where a number of fit second row under the scheme wherein lyazhte 7 bars one between sc them one blank cell so now of 7 columns with one sc is not necessary will tie 6 columns with one sc and will like this gradually diminish one pillar of the about I will six-seven series with subtraction of one the other side side of that is, I will go almost to decrease from here I will
  • 02:03: virtually height 2 repeat pattern that's because so let's also begin to knit our squares so the first column is at I second column and between the third bar [music] column where the previous row I would have tie bar with I had one sc I will not knit and
  • 02:33: continue further still three columns bind so I not be bound by a column ie i7 needed columns on drawing I have contact only six following series 3 and 4 bind two columns with one apex and so on will diminish each a number like this way gradually adding one bar in the square
  • 03:05: that goes down my with one sideline and on the other hand hand I will continue knit gradually I remind you that the pattern I see by the size 48 and 50 yarn consumption of approximately about 500 gram 400 500 gram is planned Now that the flow rate I can say this in I connected almost two details below
  • 03:35: line armholes practically finishes first motochek as you can see and 2 motochek I had initially I was knitting a little out of it in the beginning when should not have been here two parts for the back or I do not remember to knit I'm a little out of it is now almost only begin to knit I continue to knit second hammer that plan that maybe even 400 grams I lay out on yarn
  • 04:07: its size the size of knitting 48 and 50 once again I remind you of yarn semenovskaya yarn Lily 300 grams 100 grams och3 392 meters hook number 2 so I continue to knit for pattern the following side line number I had just beginning and decrease Now it's only 1 1 sideline
  • 04:38: so I need to associate number before half the next and then I I did decrease more once in the second sideline if you want more free silhouette Dress the decrease do not necessarily must lie and
  • 05:09: will show you once again how I diminish and that's who I have my side line So he rapport pattern I'm going to do which will do decrease the there are 7 columns Now I need to knit 6 columns one nakida 1 2 3 on the fourth
  • 05:41: column I had to get under air loop previous row I missing air loop and provyazyvayu top of column previous row and and another three loops lifting that I replace another bar's It turns to me instead July 6 columns with one here they nakida 1 2 3 4 5 6 I next row
  • 06:14: and subtracting instead of 6 I will have 5 columns with one now I sc I will go to the next sideline where no will need to six to make five columns and show you again I It begins to boil 4 loops lifting and on knitting scheme third row 1345 magnificent column
  • 06:53: continue to knit the lateral line and so I gave dovyazala report to the decrease and now I'm out of 6 columns must be associate only five a little approximate It sees better and so here are my 6 columns
  • 07:24: provyazyvaya Now 1 2 1 2 on the third column sc provyazyvaem not dovyazyvaya leaving and the loop on the hook the fourth column just not dovyazyvaya column in I have three loops on hook them provyazyvaem We get together and
  • 07:55: I am the third and the fourth column of 1 apex more provyazyvaem 5 and 6's as you can see I have ie five vershinok 5 columns with one nakida since April 3 with one apex I continue to knit I need more will make five 4 that is, I knit First the last two 2
  • 08:25: column and the center column provyazyvat will not just as we did in the beginning ie i7 knit 6 missing one loop the center is now bind and several around and show once again how diminish and here again dovyazala same poison report to the decrease and now as you can see from the five peaks although I here 6
  • 08:56: columns but the third and column 4 are therefore a common vertex considered as one column of the four of five peaks I need tie with 4 column ie one sc f first column previous row about gas bar with and in one sc second on total vershinku 3 and 4 previous column I am missing a number of and further provyazyvayu
  • 09:28: the next column column one sc in the last that is, the two first two last column with one sc cherries vershinki these columns previous row I provyazyvayu on columns with one sc and in this I have a number of column 4 is obtained one such nakida Similarly water do subtraction of on the other side
  • 09:58: line and this is how gradually diminishing you get great decrease slightly smaller 2 than in rapport height well you and diminish It makes beautiful pritalivanie line sidelines and then knit several centimeters exactly up Extensions of the line hip look
  • 10:29: attention to the original very interesting We made an addition for the line as the hip see do not go on sidelines but Now the line between square between reports, and here it is expansion seeing Now this report that comes from expansion pay focus on one and on the other hand hand just as that is, two reports further will
  • 10:59: extend from the bottom waist line 2 thighs repeat of front and just as two report back on if someone is enough to add 2 repeat exactly the Similarly, you can still will add and on the sidelines of square airport pattern our total basic well that's all right now until
  • 11:29: knit to decrease pritalivaniya more several rows will need to and associate rovnenko from then on gradually it will be possible to knit our dress and do extension line hip to all today if you have questions ask in comments to the new meetings bye bye