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  • 00:00: Welcome to the connection project we Lume we continue to acquaint you with the intricacies of knitting Lume and weaving on Tenerife on the market today Goods for needlework It presents a large a variety of scrap Knitting they made from different materials have different shapes and intended for knitting different but all products they have similar devices let acquainted with him basic element
  • 00:33: design love knitting is basis or as it is called strip luma basis for knitting usually made of plastic or wood luma basis for knitting It may take the form circle oval rectangle, and even Latin letter s formula we do not always fit form a final products such as some rectangular and oval moons can knit circle it circular moons can knit fabric directly appointment different
  • 01:03: constructions for scrap Knitting will be discussed in separate dedicated to this topic video lessons some scrap the foundation made in separate elements that you can collect as this designer design allows knitters give luma different forms and different sizes Carnations are elements design luma which is attached to based on luma perpendicular to it cloves own
  • 01:33: allow to carry out the process Knitting Lume on a nail on the mat then to appreciate it removed form interweaving usually clove luma Knitting has characteristic extension top is expansion It called cap hat does not allow loops spontaneously slide sloumo in the process of knitting note if the nail head to much wider bars nails to hinges will acting very
  • 02:03: hard to choose lumii not large caps carnation scrap some producers not hat has also moon met with not in the form of studs circle the rod folded metal wire most cloves plastic scrap are provided with grooves furrow is groove on the rod nails to which greatly simplifies lifting loops hook easily gets into groove and picks loop and does not slip on the rod surface some tail moon for knitting
  • 02:34: It has a so-called anchor stud which the located on basis perpendicularly stud on which properly carried knitting anchor carnations used for fastening thread at the beginning of a also retaining thread in the process of knitting if you bought a loom without anchor visit not worry presence anchor and carnations is not compulsory for knitting Lume conditions So you met design and luma You can start knitting on it
  • 03:04: We remind all the most useful interesting knitting Lume and weaving on Tenerife you will find Online on as well as the pages project in Lume in social networks but for now we say goodbye to you and wish you success