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  • 00:00: with you the top 5 this hyip hidden features your phone on who need to know Inspection of this video to the end and you will learn secret codes android who inaccessible to ordinary the user as well as several very cool chips ios for which I had never heard approaching channel to a million subscribers and in honor We would like to to hold a competition for of subscribers Top prize is hyip or the last samsung or you decide to iphone it is you opinion write selection in no comments number one screenshot separate parts
  • 00:30: screen to anyone not secret that user can take a screenshot on most phones running android holding down power reduction volume but at the same time that if you want to capture only a portion of screen after turn smartphone users can hold combination of keys to start doing screenshot and then move the fingers on phone display or tablet to choose the area you want to save after you lift finger image It will be saved your screenshots number two guest mode on the iphone when you
  • 01:01: deliver oneself up a stranger or suspicious friend your iphone such that it I could make a call there is always the fear that he can take advantage of your phone with bad end, in such cases, you temporarily you can limit functionality smartphone only one application thanks to the guide Access is included it in the configuration main section Universal access Egypt after access enable this functions need to be launch the application telephone and three times press the home button after which the guide is available activated and
  • 01:31: you can use It is only one phone app if desired, be circle the finger ones interface area you want to deactivate for the user By the way for those who interested in the idea competition for subscribers to the phone you opt in comments I necessarily Acquiring using the coolest in my view cashback service smarty Sayle that I and also I recommend I believe that you smarty Sal is a cool service because he for any browser mozilla chrome and Opera or Yandex incidentally minimum
  • 02:01: amount for withdrawal only five rubles you quickly and You can easily lead convenient for you way I think this service should trust so they have more than 600 thousands to cial buyers including my friends link to smarty sayle I I left in the description number three special codes for android And now for really hacking and the fact that N ordinary this user code is a complete reset just only It can be reset after implementation of this code no device is absolutely no information
  • 02:31: any files nothing but the code starts a program that It starts recording of that takes in microphone the last 20 telephone calls it does not record telephone conversations and all Only post your own voice all It is stored in memory phone with dialed phones is very important a lot of time to think before as run these codes all possibilities above It can not be roll back the number four magnifying glass mode ios since 10 appeared mode which will help
  • 03:01: using iphone see small things this loop mode which will increase the screen objects which Point the camera to activate magnifying Glass generally settings section find the subkey Universal access it find an option magnifying glass and activate it to start magnifier three press home button on the display It will be similar to the but with the camera interface other opportunities it can be fixed focus point and activate also highlighting additionally, you can enable the filter and color change
  • 03:31: contrast and image brightness and how you this an interesting fact to know Do you think that modern experts in the field chemistry can determined by molecules on the screen gadget where he lives people he which are fed habits and disease really surprising number Five reboot forced mode on android are situations that Smartphone or tablet an urgent need restart is It happens when and the device hangs all the buttons just cease to work I blame this can be wrong Other systems work
  • 04:01: bugs or viruses there are only two methods for reboot 1 must simultaneously press power button decrease button volume and hold them together over 10 seconds and a second method in some cases together with a button food need press the button volume Up home button after do this hold these buttons and 10 seconds guys let try to collect 50 thousand likes this video to the contest to draw a smartphone took