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Smart yard. Magnificent terrace. Private house.

Smart yard. Magnificent terrace. Private house.  See details »

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  • 00:00: with a huge pleasure invite you to today tour and we She promised she will take not in the interiors as well rather exteriors and respectively today we are going to garden today we This unusual garden Terrace ie whether word to you as you that settled here it all began and why now we see All this beauty here Well, first love garden garden 10 years perhaps that is the garden not formed for One year later he formative years ten fifteen ie here the arches
  • 00:30: they are not planted yesterday terrace is already the completion of the garden has a frame Framing this fence terrace and swimming pool here terrace of this done this year and it is confined to the event of my son, he got married and we therefore accelerated so would of course can we have a long time delayed project for a long time but I had urgently to specific event to a certain number prepare to everything was beautiful for me
  • 01:00: It offers to you a well let's do so you do not tell just as the siege tell applied to event the event as much as possible from the garden do's playground for a celebration or that the kingdom but before that I would like to still start excursion to and from of where you actually all deprived of what it a small pond to Pond is the first thing that my project in my head this idea It was small and so neatly to plant it looked teachings
  • 01:30: neatly compact All these plants are not too slowly tightened the time is not right there is in fact yes she Alpine Hill is home growth throughout the garden and all wow da tion it's all the same gradually was formed planted Osiris coexisted many times that is, I'm looking for like a plant Is it not in this place if you do not like like and I ask him transplanted to another location that is, I always It comes from the relocation of both here in the interior but that for the installation you there all began But with this place, our
  • 02:02: CU-5 garden is sleep leaving us left how to be and this is the first 1 wife, how would we built just such a terrace and its little I only arranged the understand how you did not leave with all accessories very organic physio but because Firstly we ourselves all that is done, I she ordered herself I came up I have gone signboard ie it is closed all my great alternative I understand garden benches cheap angry and is very
  • 02:33: functionally how much will go very important time hide from the rain well, easily solved and covered plenochkoj I forgot the most hay important to tell What general idea I already like very Provence style and More Provence style country style well Of course you can glamor make Provence you can make the frame Now this area is Country and Provence so here natural and hay and baskets boxes PM that is, it is an area where you can also sit Relax to eat fruit the smell of hay is very
  • 03:03: pleasant and even it many visitors notice it is all very Elegant relaxation zone people there can Curative on the first review of a baker the siege of the hordes of all very cozy and that is comfortable this area with lawn fresh air sulfur smell I'm here to Provence house So far more like yes I want to decorate the house shutters me a lot yet the ideas that I have them I can still plenty continue implement and sell
  • 03:33: tour as you see very fun to watch there is something not switch see the story and back to us continue our today tour it we not unusual home is not in the apartment in a sad sad unusual office too, because here there is also a swimming pool and there terrace where conducted certain event again today will be event go ahead tell pool how long is he here Will it difficult look after him Pool is very also interesting history Bassian dug my children my while still sons in
  • 04:04: School they invited their friends in them a lot of friends and they are in the summer, they had the job they dug through them alone no no shovels here it is impossible to call any technique because the house designed so that call is not possible at You land on the front They were taken to the carts partitioned by the garden some other ground exported in the same time for outside the home then Of course I told them I helped then finished concreted and its we just painted and changed simply water
  • 04:34: it periodically like deep longer because they were such teens they would here to swim in this pool well and it was generally all Our family is very like swimming swim and salvation from Heat course fence Well it would seem that you can think We made him to gallery tell that There is something I did know that you art education that is 100 general idea Of course part of the war and the mirror I It started from the terrace
  • 05:04: because on the terrace aged stands mirror but did I not my friend who it is interested, too and I turned to her she was a large mirror but she trained at small mirrors and tried and ornaments I said that I'm These trials and mirrors you'll get will issue in a frame and hang on event, they too as an art object will be will be gracing our it's a fence and at holiday time It will also be good decoration on the way Hmmm not too scary but
  • 05:34: there is no Sasha does not yet yes it is possible easy to maintain for a long time and they Basically no matter what decorate the holiday and may be for a long time and this Zone's done especially for shoots to could at the time our here Events wedding guests bride and groom We sit this one ottoman and guests sat next to photographed in We have a lot pictures get a nice But on this zone
  • 06:04: wedding in your style Provence suspect and even if it is clear that the garden for a fishing season math, and passed yes yes and fence here I wanted, something like So beat it have specially I created here picture to rendering this picture was advance that is, it was created and painted then each detail worked well Now it's time table made him my sister is a table by machines by sewing the old is is aged cracelures us
  • 06:34: like some old things you save and ennoble suitcase, too painted decoupage this re-buy my suitcase girlfriend brought here I did this lower quickly in one night vidak lived before the second wedding it is out of the violin and it did not bring my my cousin in husband's sister, she too He is engaged to the dome also interested crafts to him as if she had given knowing that I will have event gave me
  • 07:04: for photo zone Well these Circuits we have already as it were that too from home generally all that's being said until there was no reason given we would have been here yes yes yes not look or admiring the whole this beauty you all Now it's here left in your disposal can enjoy much anything back We adjourn for five see minutes interesting plot and in front of you waiting for gorgeous terraces continue our a tour of our discretion now terrace the very the place where the actual clears let's talk about the event it a little more you say here It all began
  • 07:34: actually a this grandfather mirror here I specifically thought that it reflecting garden but This it has been the topic the old Italian Italian wall French wall but then we do not forget something still exterior straight frank mirror to It would be would be to conventional mirror so I was wear out its task I therefore their I asked her friend but for me it's done frame serves for him it's a few palm plaster allowing Portal something similar gypsum is very
  • 08:05: many details that they are light on their currently it is not heavy designers polyurethane yes rather just do not even most whether it is a new do not they mix right now there are new technology where All that's really garden some things Denmark is not they are not on out that is, they must be under a canopy under rain not then undesirable let's just 5 minutes to tell the truth When I saw previews photos of me thought that there through space just because the top transparent urgent
  • 08:35: I am riding it as I do it for League it was Galya of this design arrange customized in We subway but only more rugged there take thicker where the thickness of my We have here a dozen C grade thinner the weight was not heavy and light It described at the end, as it were and solar obstruction active rays to actively rain comes visible clouds seen the sun when we sit in the evening stars can be seen that there
  • 09:05: to still feeling space I was very like high ceiling I like big floor-to the ceiling so I I am trying save that's it airiness no transparency Needless to say all things that left over from the wedding they immediately got their registration looks very organically let's it is a bit of materials like here you are all this made because I see here and present masonry and decorative
  • 09:35: masonry and stucco decor lots of materials were used in the began precisely You start the transfer that I that inspired I set up on the any ideas that I wish you implement at home in its interior Visa behind the wall she was it certainly We borrow partially I am very much here Details of the finalized staged housing then yes we are They built a wall of normal Katerina blogs This first concrete blocks They were built there water in the pin blocks were
  • 10:05: holes in which memorable brick for the plastering and doing enough decorative feeling that there Now the old wall cracked old French and Italian wall I it seems it is not so in triumph as in general in wish Beauty wishes after all it is a very simply just to be for themselves for the family to take all decorate Let it worth pleasing to the eye on me always fond of grace to become It was important for me and
  • 10:35: napkin and tablecloth and and the device is I always interested toe style of Provence and at his zest there is a lace burlap lavender ie color texture should be slightly rude flax sackcloth and neighbor important so that all improvements to lace soften burlap flax does nobility that is very beautiful Provence Provence but you yourself allowed here
  • 11:06: a completely straight classic luxury yes it is a classic rus luxury is not here enough for a little holidays glamor ie here these here they lenses pass this brightness festive create lenses still hung here on such vases with flowers is in support to the chandeliers make it somehow all combined but we hung it on and for the winter season Of course, we must take off because winter is red we are here
  • 11:36: him for the summer, I think I'll leave it because we have event for events here you but I am not cooking zones named probably yes real Tandoor real drink my husband loves Cook he told me here must be zone cooking, and he had long we want the tandoor established here to be comfortable something to cook on post and bring behold bar table with us costs bar stool where can carve men asa place
  • 12:06: some trays of the there is a transition preparation area to dining room in late last I said program there exteriors where even cozier and more comfortable than at home from it's probably just It is the case thank you very much expert conclusion just at the top five with plus I am glad that I got into a atmosphere despite what begins rain is still here beautifully lit up already light to visit soon will gather atmosphere really despite the festive
  • 12:36: the fact that the weather bad again thank you very much we do not say goodbye, I I hope to see your house is well