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The word to the agronomist about cucumbers: neither wreckers, nor root gnily will be!

The word to the agronomist about cucumbers: neither wreckers, nor root gnily will be!  See details »

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  • 00:00: life itself persistent very fruitful cucumber is long fetal cucumbers Sanya most viable Cucumbers have biological opportunity to give the biggest harvest after them are shortened or we them We call the mini adjustment and cucumbers, and then to should gherkins but and many hybrids gherkins superior smooth shortened and yield
  • 00:30: is compared with the length dense cucumbers the right to water is It means giving the tour Wall irrigation norm where the roots plants they that is, to suffer plants will sufficient water soil will enough oxygen to roots breathed once lisped like a young plant woman early to give birth to the body is not fully grown so and cucumber First of sinus 5 this leaves us remove completely all all all of braiding and ovary that
  • 01:00: there are just two Three May 4, we have removed all later we reserve and cucumbers side shoots We remove we do its formation in that greenhouse more suitable manufacturing however, the formation of it is the formation too and can be used amateur gardeners who wants to get at a time rich harvest in the protection of its plants we start very early start
  • 01:30: cleaned them with roots that is already in the pot each every pot seedlings we wake of Darwin calculating an ode to the peak 7-5 grains of corn grain wherein applying 3 huter five minutes grains each pot near the root collar when we plant after we plant planting make sure a spill Trichoderma then if you still have though there is a hint somewhere we
  • 02:01: We notice at the root rot we root neck coat with usual lime usual slaked lime We put out day constantly the next day she ready to use as a cook out there for greasing on liter of lime slaked density about how City is not sour add a thick copper vitriol on the tip knife stir through half an hour, and the mixture can promazyvat your plants about
  • 02:31: root collar just you we will quietly that the root collar neck we have not suffer even if to be exposed cold water or even some stress and will not be before watering or have peresushka soil following irrigation we avoid falling infection at the root neck and the next, and cracks here then the next for the protection of the reception plant and after as our plant They took root and began to
  • 03:01: grow well intermeddle 10-15 leaves we spend a strait This second drug It protects plants from 3 by whiteflies and by spider mites, we We interrupt the roots plants do not spray the plants yet they do not bear fruit young at this time the root spill prepare the following solution way 40 grams actors 10 liters of water is our mother liquor
  • 03:32: then we take the floor liters of mother The solution was diluted to 10 liters of water is working solution under each root after watering we pour 250 milliliters of the working our solution plants are protected of these three kinds of sucking pests here in the summer to the end of May in early June, when we we feel
  • 04:02: stops hot dry long weather we begin preventive work biological drugs that It called fitobel 1 treatment is carried out the leaves rate of 10 grams of 10 milliliters 10 liters of water in two week we give 20 milliliters 10 liters of water they quietly we apply an approach that which was adopted in the world in
  • 04:32: today vegetable that is, we each watering give if fertilizer I suppose it should example of such I say let's put that cucumber per week eats 30 grams mineral fertilizers we share this is three times for 3 Watering every watering give 10 grams ie plants not overeat and in the fruits at such approach never will accumulate nitrate two feeding the third should give
  • 05:02: ring of nitrate the rate of 10 grams per 10 liters of water all feeding should be especially in the summer spending areas if you like week were not site come day you look at your Russia does not believe that they should feed Before feed they must be well watered immediately 2 can be somewhat reasons even before we can say or plant insufficiently receives water
  • 05:32: power plants or very congested or you is how to say the imbalance that is, You nitrogen nutrition more than Kalinovo plant food zhiruet you happen this happens when piri piri Lily soil that is waterlogging Soil can also plant not stay pour fruit means necessary enough
  • 06:02: balanced food let's plant adequate watering but and not pereuvlazhnyat forming plants necessarily shape