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  • 00:00: an adult 32 teeth which located on upper and lower jaws There are 4 types of teeth that play different roles in the chewing at the scales sharp edge that It allows you to nibble food using pointed canines we can cut food and premolars and molars or otherwise permanent teeth allow
  • 00:30: grind food in teeth deep roots which are located in jaw and visible part of the tooth called crown it is covered incredibly strong enamel substance which makes the tooth fixedly the inner part of the tooth It consists mainly way of mineralized connective tissue which is called dentin in the center tooth passes channel
  • 01:01: filled soft cloth that It called point panel consists of nerves and blood vessels that support life tooth although teeth very hard they at the same time very fragile at enamel can get bacteria and then the tooth can formed cavity of decay If the carious cavity does not heal it can be deeper and reach then to dentin pulp and
  • 01:32: infect all living tooth tissue