Liudmila Vazyulya

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  • 00:00: all hi fi with you Again, I Yaroslav sumishevsky you see the project folk shag in which we We are looking for talented singers and the main prize you have a hundred thousand rubles but who receive these money depends from you by using your likes we have identified another three this is finalist Ekaterina Lazareva Ekaterina Davydenko Sergei any I have I congratulate you guys
  • 00:31: today we are Reutov street victory there 18 huskies bar we want to come Davydenko Stop by and let us go We find out how things have changed her life after participation in our project hello good I have man 100 thousand rubles
  • 01:02: end comes where to spend end to Cuba want so well it turned out breathe enter Calculate sing a song about the good That can thank all who you give it to thanks to all votes I want to say many thanks who voted for me I am very pleased your comments just cool many new friends fans there was a huge huge enormous tremendous property people almost changed to help grew up and
  • 01:33: hair cut and a little bit of you punitive okay song Now to you from us Ekaterina Davydenko 25 years has musical meaning education music life dreams to give birth to three children and adequately raise their singer works in lacquer paris and I hold your palm
  • 02:03: leave on even guilt, I say that part impossible geisha but they farewell grazed on the bed she is
  • 02:34: It seemed to promise your past blue by then I almost you something they all but you and I'm straight we were there who losses and I call
  • 03:07: that the former is and a hedgehog and more minutes apache for all one area she is then our promises the past is not yet saved putana kia
  • 03:37: that you stay with him and Shomina and there lights and farewell Call I will forget everything in the world for the sake of parts more minutes and I stay themselves
  • 04:07: because so goodbye and tank farm and I forget everything in light glad highway another minute and I hotel
  • 04:38: that you remain but I if you want to
  • 05:14: Katia Davydenko drove 100,000 rubles finally went Cuba put necessarily large fingers, and who have not yet signed subscribe to our nor st Machar channel tube and also do not forget be active because that the most active of you hold me and and families in breeze of unforgettable Weekend masters 23 August imperial park hotel and spa hang out on the full Program already ideas about Activity in general no longer tired and I also have We ran out of ideas
  • 05:44: about activities so I suggest you shoot your videos and here to send us on this post is the the best video we show our releases