Tatjana Shnevele

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  • 00:00: so all the greetings so I would like here at I have such a clamp powerful course I bought
  • 00:32: I ordered brought so decided I sewed it here powerful sewed under the photo it is a large clamp does not go [music]
  • 01:09: it as [music] that means on what that is stopped This awl is not here suitable something to split hairs and not grind wanted I decided to do basically do
  • 01:39: try all sort of I would get now show what we are doing here in center of the hole C grade in my if not wrong as the drill is now will explain to the center left It is the complexity of this
  • 02:11: find the center of the first that made smoking cartridge [applause] to include our include drill and ie here end turns a round sung practicable
  • 02:41: accurate results are not He gave I was already close to that [music] a little bit closer to Center Nakeer Neal again insert chuck look here I cut off and where it revolves ie if in the middle will be . attack on Bucha on 5 low speed and goals a little bit closer to the turn center to
  • 03:12: of such atomizers sharpened up this here film . again we try also in drill and achieve to. It was in place
  • 03:43: that is, each time slightly more kermi then all the same inserted into a drill and Drill tip for a gripe and that is, the eagles on-site costs and drills that is already spinning quietly drill and It turns out she goes to Center since then we do it press list
  • 04:13: I do not already propyl I do not forget at once I had forgot restore thread bare twirling jersey principle can be but rather on how well As far as we propyl my men and Lindos Aiki say less then another or narrow dokruchivaem or something planted nut and all and then Turn off when propylene or
  • 04:43: you can leave again clamped in Chuck is here include emery include drill and grind down the edge you then when dragged already unscrew the nut Now, this gets better whole thread somewhere indent so but it turns out we already almost ready thing I do something like
  • 05:16: allen then insert the handle pens naturally will void that is, It will be Mark even sewed differently there will be other shell their a little longer too to regulate here preferably immediately bolt and pick Haiku nut removed tubes with brake like here can I do not like I remember how there then we get 5 these things but it is better to
  • 05:49: trial was to It was clear as I do like this that is picked up pressure tube there are a large tips from them here this part is narrowed has a nut worse than here probably go with this we narrowed rub the handle
  • 06:19: working time that is necessary even drill I decided to clamp all good luck forget sign