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  • 00:00: or I am now with green blouse lemon are asking me to manga This is the way the manga tejilla I hope you like the tile as lines are only preferred strings with the same triangle means point having blouse you can reduce or increase the amount of strings according to the size needed It's very easy to weave this step Step
  • 00:32: if you need more chains You can add you 18 strings each line in each lap and the 37 first round would be in chains here I have regularly sleeve as it is woven in the first video buoy tejerle sleeve Here I have the shoulder joint both sides knotted thread in this space
  • 01:04: of the three high points and we will weave this high point the first round I'll knit two high points only because they are in the same space Two high 33 points and weave strings Hence I have the 33 chains in the same space we weave the two high points There's the first we will weave the Finally in the third chain
  • 01:35: let midpoint and there is the first round we will knitting the second round after midpoint Let's start the second back we will have the high points on these three points higher for that we need a base of Kadena we will weave the two chains
  • 02:06: in this space half point the first high point two chains the third group of the medium chain point and that is the first high point we turn the fabric is Turn 2
  • 02:37: Here we will weave the wrong side of the blouse runoff here we have the two brands first high point of the two chains we weave two high points let the chains 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • 03:10: 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 16 all spaces chain will be same 16 and half we will weave the midpoint in this second round will have April 6 August 10 12
  • 03:40: 16 and 14 the following midpoint and new let chains 16 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 16 here no longer give the thread when
  • 04:19: We started the first round in this high point where we help he and we will weave the three points high and ended the second round with the three highest points in the third medium chain point
  • 04:51: there is closed around we will 3 start just how we started the 2nd with two chains midpoint and two chains for the first high point in the third chain from the following group midpoint and we turn and
  • 05:21: We started the third round in both chains let the two high points Here we have one and two and there until He completed the group of three will have 16 strings here I have 16 strings and weave
  • 05:52: Like the triangle as stated in Part of her blouse after the previous lap knit midpoint Here are three midpoints the first the last chain in the middle point and the first chain means point and that we have three midpoints and again we have 16 strings
  • 06:23: this third round are weaving the right side of the fabric Here I have the 16 channels in this group let the three high points the midpoint in the third chain we will continue in this space
  • 06:58: let the two chains midpoint always taking two centuries two chains the third point and medium chain weave around 4 here in this return is this space that is without tg
  • 07:29: And here we also have the following and Here we also have the following so we will continue starting will turn in this form if next Let's reverse weave around 4 in the two strings left the two high points 16 chains and they know how to make
  • 08:00: center chains increasing by midpoint on each side more media points that we have here and closing around and close around 2 and round 3 and and started 3 and 4 we will continue to work until the lap 7
  • 08:31: I'm here on lap 7 These are the previous rounds will close to midpoint lap 7 We started the 82 point average chains the same high point two chains for the first high point lap eight we will weave in shape
  • 09:03: different the start of lap eight and a half point in the first high point I will put let the two chains both high points to keep the group of three ay 16 bursts chains
  • 09:37: Here I have the 16 channels we have the space midpoint regularly with an increase in each side and the following midpoints the previous lap after midpoints 16 chains in the lap 8
  • 10:08: let's finish here we have the group of three in the previous round in the high point we weave the three points high the midpoint in the third string and We started around two and a half chains 9 point in space two chain
  • 10:45: chains for the first high point in between the two groups midpoint This is the lap 9 we have in these two chains the first high point let the two high points to take
  • 11:15: the first group of three high points lap 9 we will weave 16 chains and means points as an increase on each side and the same above points after the midpoints 16 strings and we will finish the last three high points are going to have in this same space
  • 11:47: Here I have two I have here the three high points in a single space let's close the back in this same point and the midpoint and close the lap 9 we will weave the last Here sleeve space
  • 12:19: we are going to continue We started around 10 with a chain 3 means double points in the same space 2 and 3 a chain the group spent three and knit two means double 2/1 points and the last
  • 12:50: in chain there we have the last we will have 16 chains same after media points I have 16 strings and weave the three media in colons last knitting only HBO and
  • 13:23: and one below the chain left 2 here I have the latest in a string chain space slid point and there cut the thread is terminated manga ten laps are going to knit
  • 13:53: the same laps onto the next leg in this I we you We started on the right side this space on this side We started the first round next right blouse for you are points exactly the same and not will cause problem will start as
  • 14:26: just this side like how we started but we do not reverse side We started in this way so the fabric is going to start to wrong side begin the first round for all remaining points will
  • 14:56: Like this manga how you will go back and starting each You will be ending exactly the same sleeve ok we finsihed there you have it gives a very nice way I hope you like and tile in the way you prefer thank you a I greeting to all and I'm here to see us next video thanks