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  • 00:00: itself the outcome of Kuzbass and my brother they among Nikolaevich He worked at the mine plaza IVS to 40+ s why I pleasure congratulate everyone miners on a holiday Happy course my beloved brother and today we you talk about tomatoes see, I'm in tomatoes so they around me here now Here one such interesting here is not very beautiful but too, but too delicious We talk about it
  • 00:32: the beauty of which is very often spoils gardeners mood and very often people I think that that's the spot yellow stains in greenhouses is not nothing Phytophthora do not be afraid dear gardeners is phytophthora is not fungus disease also mushroom the disease but it is called a treasure a pair of wasps appears he in greenhouses mainly expressed in greenhouses But in such such spots begins with lower leaves and Then in late August
  • 01:02: the whole bush literally not for the yellow leaves with paranoia conductive bottom spores fly around throughout the greenhouse and especially one who allergic often coming in greenhouse cough continuously since that disputes this fungus fall airways and allergy whether harm is done here this fungus directly tomatoes tomatoes
  • 01:32: oddly enough here they are hanging green poured gain its mass but not here affects both feet of the root of the you know it black spots on tomatoes and the tomato has generally practically it is impossible to eat the only thing that I called him to throw salary he spa rios only affects sheet plate Of course it does some damage the total harvest in tomatoes because
  • 02:02: because the list is Factory synthesis of all essential nutrients substances and outflow nutrients It goes in and out of the sheet spectacle and tomatoes if we list amazed and hurt patient means everything from there we did not gathering certain quantity nutrients but it is scary disease as we it seems at first sight I believe that it is not so terrible first the disease is the second half of the summer it is already August
  • 02:32: the main brush formed 1 2 3 4 5 6 they are formed and Now there is an active set of weight on in vending machines there but small course tomatiki which is last tassels not to take her but 1 2 3 4 and brush naturally They have already received their they redden and so I personally do to this disease am very
  • 03:02: calm and virtually no way fight although there are many ways warning that but all diseases known to you fitosporin this time and tobacco to feed the two fermented herbal infusion is 3 and there is of course chemical methods combat this disease warning the growth of this fungus is a well-known
  • 03:32: Bordeaux solution fluid liquid chlorosis one percent solution Bordeaux fluid copper oxychloride home oksihom ie all preparations containing copper in its composition but I want to make a reservation I personally never I accept Copper-bearing drugs, even in the initial stages development as Copper is still heavy metal and all still in what is certain proportions It accumulates in the soil accumulates in fruit and then directly to us comes to our there weighed down by all
  • 04:03: technological process taking place in nature so personally I strongly against the use copper containing preparations in a closed ground because I love to eat eco-friendly vegetables so fitosporin dropped infusion grass again again well and bag to feed and can even use infusion Milk floor
  • 04:33: liters of milk ampoule iodine per 10 liters of water and it can be possible that 45 handle days and another way This of course garlic 200 grams of garlic scrolled through mincer processed sheets five ten days and now this the picture will not your pieces of paper and even of course agrotechnical way to fight you We have very good ventilate the greenhouse but unfortunately the weather we have this year but disgusting
  • 05:03: say cold summer cold nights and all of us We try to clog to their teplichke save it precious heat is so Of course here riot result fungal diseases particular Cladosporium there is very near mushroom relative diseases is Macro of many rios often think that it is but if the macro plus think that the macro macro spares God be with him a couple of macro wasps and treasure has spares a theology
  • 05:33: development immersed sheet Simple and the plate generally not harmful directly tomatoes