The magnificent, crackling fritters easily and simply!!! - YouTube

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  • 00:00: hello walls today a day off Sunday we decided to pamper yourself Iris has not forgotten make a video in this video I show you how It can be quickly and easily of only 4 products make lush crispy I'm doing great 100 skates for me it is important for you to know
  • 00:32: that you have done followers kneading test and what the amount of these doors Well, about a cup yogurt 0 is added to the yogurt unleavened dough sequence
  • 01:08: very important yogurt as flour, the and if the only way After you added you It seems too Liquid and you try to fill tips flour dough but I may be screened I did not ask for trust still Volodya
  • 01:38: the dough should be this could result in rustic sour cream
  • 02:09: just add good and keep in mind that when you add
  • 02:50: soda the dough will be more liquid even thicker about such a consistency and kill and the garden is why I did not
  • 03:25: put sugar because that you can eat with condensed milk and jam honey who he loves I love sour cream but do not add sugar dough because I It seems too It will be sweet and then Sugar burns when frying better not to divide you If you want to enjoy sugar and can then sprinkle ready sugar powdered soda little
  • 03:55: One whip tea spoons maybe if you large glass can half a teaspoon is not no longer has values and what you yogurt which he fat maybe it will be
  • 04:25: generally fermented baked milk can it will be a snowball any fermented milk Product believe all equal grandmother you can get add vanilla to those who like to say that we will have them slightly longer smell
  • 05:02: I went to see lumps anymore soda quickly quickly it all except for punishment I now set pan on the stove and poured oil and until I will pan warm up suit will spread
  • 05:34: teaspoon Why because there is no He does not like when her tiny such as a ball lush you can just in the same lies and are kneaded stow little by little we know about the very chic come here works
  • 06:15: Total Well the process is process now matrix switches Pete pan must be hot enough that when we spread the dough pancakes at once started fried then they will be less fat just found Beauty is not quite
  • 06:55: gently and smoothly go to what is beneficial
  • 07:35: small spoon superimpose how many receive very first browned malenechko Jean Beraud not burned and smells
  • 08:07: vanilla and I stand for what they pyshnenkie I where here for another one side and fry already up and now even hand side till
  • 09:03: smashed I turned the frere Jacques the two sides to clamp We are going to shoot a plate Now we went Th fry the remaining
  • 09:48: then ankles Well continue see that we turned and full cup of yogurt tasty dish lush appetizing aroma crispy fritters what they will eat them classic version sour cream and mission usually I have a daughter He loves with condensed
  • 10:18: milk and we do not take our Russian we Filimonovskaya Nazarovskaya today from the body Belarusian Yanochka Chavannes hello we will eat pancakes with your milk for the first time we will pick up will release And I want you show that from itself pancakes from tables It is within look what train and crunchy
  • 10:49: in gently not just flavor not pass here Well convey flavor we begin to highway all while