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Puff pastry. Always Successful, Tasty and layered! the recipe with photos  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today cook puff pastry this recipe puff pastry always get very gentle and crispy with him baking is obtained very tasty composition recipe you will also You can look in description below the video in a bowl put 20 200 grams of butter butter or margarine fresh from refrigerator add 150 sifted flour gram it to steam knife shall pound your hands and
  • 00:31: gather in one lump but in testosterone without Russia as a 350 gram flour add salt and mix a glass pour dried obme liters of cold water divide the lazy stir well add one tablespoon spoon nine percentage of vinegar and mix make flour deepening and add water to
  • 01:01: eggs in two or three doses knead the dough the dough is obtained soft elastic does not stick to hands In tests of softness butter and dough vinegar must be about the same roll out square formation size 25 centimeters by 20 years We laid on the the middle of the dough oil wrap envelope We laid down the seam
  • 01:34: wrap in foil and put them in refrigerator for 30 minutes have passed 30 minutes sprinkle with flour the dough should be laid and roll out of square formation size 25 you for a long time 25 roll out so to two tests distributed evenly add up the envelope laid down broad ship in refrigerator for 30 minutes have passed 30 minutes again roll out the dough into a reservoir and
  • 02:04: add up the envelope and put them in refrigerator for 30 minutes It took 30 minutes roll out a layer 25 centimeters twenty five We do not put envelope and simply fold the dough the dough is ready to you can use you can immediately begin cook store dough can refrigerator for up to three days long storage can put in freezer subscribe to my write channel
  • 02:34: Insert comments huskies, and see my I wish more videos you a pleasant and good appetite those. [music]