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How to make a brooch from skin with own hands? Vytvoryashki  See details »

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  • 00:00: if you clean up closet and found old leather jacket bag and boots not hasten their throwing away today we will We show how to do beautiful the original Leather Jewelry and help us in this Olesya good depth morning good morning for us You need a piece skin scissors stove and desire to do Oleg beautiful thing to How to start work work begins with the fact that we need to cut the template of the form who want make our brooch circuit needed translated into fabric
  • 00:30: The more blanks you make the luxuriantly will look brooch to draw on the skin need Gel pen and better seen in tissue unlike pencil or chalk Millville pattern outline Now we cut can be used smaller scissors can be larger until Kulikova line I will restore to climb on circuit if the house is not there is unnecessary leather buy things such material can be at a fabric store or in furniture stores by the way is worth it inexpensive to 200 rubles
  • 01:00: m now when Knife weight made workpiece we need give flowers a convex shape for that we put its collector tiles need to tile heat up maximum temperature hold Template on a hot plate not You need in a short time for five seconds assemble parts can be using glue points or hot gun at the end of do not forget to work attach flower man with pins of ancient times used skin
  • 01:30: animal to solve you forge elementary and clothing Shoes can be done for example on the skin burn can do it can be a letter skin application you can do engraving that is, so many different get options that all sorts can do individually every thing costs considering such brooches All costs will about 20 rubles in spite of this decoration in the style of hand
  • 02:00: maid looks very nice and capable emphasize your individuality Olesya say thank you just such a wonderful brooch we did just half an hour try to do the same house and you necessarily succeed