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Two-color patterns spokes. Knitting of a two-color braid.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear condition on Today, I really like yet that is, this is such a shame through them so the doctor called for two-colored braids, he tied them two colors it is everything else they white ie here you can color choose balling west 20 years, the summer do love gate This color is not specified Well as it turns
  • 00:30: sales actually it is not difficult but quotas just changes color m village turns out Such is the confusion Here there are no points crossroads Gatsalov the same principle that the current weekend grill nb LCD Group building Now well, let's see how he can this pattern itself but here are two braids twisted m pattern extending consists of twenty five
  • 01:01: so by gaining 25 bodies recruit there is a thread of one color is it I have started the year in the light of this ie the first peak is not cleaned hassle Filippova color year and it is also farther and people need to be more additional sung in order to making crossing here
  • 01:31: Now these braids so Petrograders we scored and I am the first row follows on samples ie stones starting always with the dead and we gained m nosedive I have this purple color I like all the same care and the father and son and goals chrome woke remove radiation Where facial purple
  • 02:01: remove paper thread white can once more a new way to link that to mind drain I do not talk and then go to bed Two white loop Stepashin is to not pull services, and beginning to be like very walls and the ugly that is, associate more freely and no glasses crossed contact phone how that's going to happen then is now
  • 02:32: perekreschenko all summer Yashin two Yeltsin ca. purple then again there is the case of beer glasses or Ashim strengthened them So in fact until the end of next two regions and Tbilisi rivers even the streets mentioned limit looking for more room
  • 03:05: pound it skip 9 plaster amnesty frame rules and white we are finishing purple two loops peak hand when we occupied the first row next years figurines Fedchenko twisted so the next number he Kulyash
  • 03:35: seamy world similar at first We oblige tiny two of these rivers and this door cases and white with similar results of intrigue Pelykh
  • 04:11: I was living the end of the theater and ended in purple so then we definitely have to tie more two stages ie before the boiler itself and ie back to the night there but as has already swept over my Of course I'll show you how to do it interweaving ie between the weaves of 4 ha it will be possible to produce
  • 04:44: CZK match but shooting strengthen patients backbone itself even Nikitina street purple color where it deprives shoot 4 Petlin two white responded to none delivered to extra spokes for work so on strings translate
  • 05:14: transfer and passed two knew Pelykh implemented We take no points purple and the outcome of the tie evening Ravil Safiullin Now Well, I m five with additional Spitsin
  • 05:46: them a chance translated strings back returning snowstorm Peter King placeholder low prices Are you working on a knitting needle and our in the same manner first provinces as 3 hryvnia Holmes
  • 06:18: and saws and then where the person successes objects And so we've got crossing farther we tomboy It is molded Peter King I Chambery white if the cancer coming back crossing shoot 4
  • 06:49: picnic on additional needle and left by before work oblige Two palm loop guests have the originality topic more room thread contactors earlier further business Shein the door before the fight Bibilov
  • 07:21: then bind to peter ki more Spitsin filmed labor overalls and passed aware of the door in the village of colors and then Andrew White Now we do the next crossing and finishing option other
  • 07:52: the purpose of this output caviar night Philip That's how we get the following window passed to May purl drink Men respectively bloom white and purple departments intelligence so tied
  • 08:25: and then again repeat the first a number that is 4 rows Radiozavod respectively bloom and in the fifth row, we did a year a crossing and it turns out here so that's the beauty of certainly looks wonderful but a little bit laboriously place like if you liked
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