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  • 00:00: we already have made on the wall trash we will build the most like here bathroom furniture we do not buy were made for this you have already bought aerated concrete here yesterday took the first batch 6060 10 by 20 width is build up walls stenochki from gypsum cardboard these are
  • 00:31: intermediate stenochki like this between the sink stove here will be fridge stand siri mesh in fat too made carts all there is an eye all is so what else we have bought this beauty is not we bought the Czech company is our oven here we already see have tried bought frozen pizza
  • 01:02: it does not open so here it is with this side so he she will open abdominal probably not as well as us total germany stove opens like this on top of the pen and Our dishwasher machine we are now we will unpack ariston give us a knife in our hands begin
  • 01:38: note our kitchen here we have it turns out 1 1 2 1 dishwasher 3 case there will be a sink from above there will be simply countertop
  • 02:08: so the first stone we will glue everything on steam room in the hotel of all approaches so that sewerage and here it is pink the pipe goes here already all example well, how about here we already have shelves cut out here
  • 02:38: Now all of these cut out for what shelves here disperse later cut out I need dish washer that's the same as well, Th we will build triticale feel glue the third stone went to
  • 03:10: very easy by the way
  • 03:46: stone and processed and here these are cut out here it's much more convenient very convenient of course a bath made from these bricks are here the same to me on the shelf these stones to me like much it's more pleasant to work made sure that what has been done already we do not redo we will be here exactly and quickly and I'm so
  • 04:18: bricks in the bathroom pasted them on May 5 today bought drops to sew countertop here is this the fact is square meter 109 change for he gave two flowers dark brown and beige I will combine Here's something like this will be on the table I will begin to glue clearly at the bottom I will have 2
  • 04:48: there are two shelves here sticks here too will be brown The legs are these too brown inside wall a little bit to shade on it will be there will be a bright Now I need this desktop with countertop make then I'll show you how I got kitchen here is my kitchen our kitchen all this is how he did it after that side i have this very
  • 05:22: beautiful stone is not liked it bought from this side rubbish the point is already with us + 1 machine still present. here they will go later we will do more doors