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Beautiful and tasty cakes. Cakes on kefir.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you Ira and the channel are prepared with love today we will prepare delicious and delicate and muffins decorate on kefir be their sugar glaze and caramel start with the dough the recipe for these cupcakes very simple two eggs glass of sugar a glass of yogurt
  • 00:30: 2 cups flour tea spoon of soda vanilla sugar and 100 grams per steamed raisins and is given we connect with a glass sugar and blender a little bit to avoid her it is so easy mixes eggs with sugar eggs with sugar mixed this consistency add a pack here
  • 01:00: vanilla sugar a glass of kefir in advance heated up to 180 degrees are now put soda on spoon as with is equal to extinguished with vinegar
  • 01:30: it should be good here extinguished and mix to our mass is added now for a little bit two glasses of flour me here exactly 2 glasses are measured this recipe is very
  • 02:00: simple and fast if you need cook for half an hour some baking pizza dough mixed like this consistency with us he turned out now end add raisins he at us dried up 100 gram if you want make chocolate
  • 02:32: cupcakes you add while u respectively less flour serve and how many of you have already so spoonfuls of flour and and less spoons by prescription now pour out our dough in the mold for the door is laid I will have third different forms so as a child loves different forms of muffins I got 12 cupcakes and 13 there collected all that
  • 03:02: I have now left put in preheated oven for one hundred eighty degrees my cupcake was baked exactly thirty-five minutes from us turned out very beautiful muffins diverse now we will decorate them I have the plates there are two dining rooms spoons of milk we will add to him with sugar
  • 03:33: one two Three still you need to see it liquid 45 we will cover this mixture of cupcakes and caramel drawing topography
  • 04:03: Russia to children it's always like Here we have coated a cupcake now we take caramel topping and in a circle we begin squeeze all at once I spread a little bit on two
  • 04:33: three and now toothpick do these drawings very beautiful babies like the morire on output then baking us now decorate our two flowers here
  • 05:03: in another way it will be drawing behold friends are like this beautiful and
  • 05:33: original we got subscribe to my channel put like ask questions necessarily all I will answer until new meetings till