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  • 00:00: good evening dear friends today I want to show you how impose one image per more and do it pretty well, as I think so let's start with you Go to the tab file as always open to you our our first layer the first picture in the I'm here now today such doses cars and I I want to impose on them example of just such a picture again
  • 00:31: close to you vkladochku file place and put These are the roses Now to clean guides us We turn to the left of the panel instruments most upper tool place and I now want them a little move Down the left a button mouse we are pushed down and example here, etc. let us take you
  • 01:01: Now this unnecessary background which is located top for this purpose in the left pane instruments select tool eraser press the left a button mouse with us opens a menu and more select tool magic eraser go with you Image Here This background left a button mouse press rasterized and here so click and remove this one unnecessary layer i.e. just left a button mouse we click where it us
  • 01:31: not needed example of this is how I I think that would be enough because then we are we modify it with help others Action like this Now let Let us give the top parts a beautiful view by going to right our socket's this and left a button mouse we are on our background of roses click and choose blending options
  • 02:01: Then select you outer glow and not we put a tick just click Now here on the the empty space left mouse and a button swing set here Example Two and size such as increasing this way you can see here Now we like this changed less like so and click ok and now
  • 02:31: I do not like they are very bright let's look do more faded pale transparent here for this to the same sockets from right is such as a paragraph opacity and fill here opaque hundred percent let her Zoom example I do like this I think that's how look far better here we are with you
  • 03:01: made here such background These are the roses you can also change the color of roses how do I She told how to change single color element in the previous lesson can View the examples change them I think blue It will be more beautiful and look spectacular you can sleep this background for any avatar then make them birochku well that is you can add text make very beautiful products layouts
  • 03:31: further printed out So typography thank you very much for your attention for you were with me if you like it videos subscribe our channel group VKontakte ssylochka As always I will leave in description and so if what questions write in comments Thank you all Girls until we meet again until till