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Japanese Way of Cultivation of Cucumbers. Super Fast Shoots!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends have quite nicks road again with I've met Yulia its me Does channel in garden vegetable garden and today I want you introduce one methods of landing cucumbers you know this method and and why, if there is but there are Chinese way so as we say but this I saw on the way one of the Japanese sites, and perhaps I have it I must call Japanese way cucumber planting but the way
  • 00:30: really he is good It works very cucumbers nice and pretty still germinate quickly in What is it This method now I you show us of course required today I scissors I will put in the opencs there's this way of probably in the Early in his they youtube youtube daring this activity somewhere around two years ago I I showed this method is a way landing landing cucumbers vopilki
  • 01:01: but it is necessary in the first place to kicks were hardwood or Here's how I see they are dark that is the sawdust We will not talk about I lay it they are not fresh softwood let sawdust, we still We should not exclude they have it hardwoods sawdust may be large and small Any why should we it does not serve chips to grow seedlings is in order to germinated seeds cucumber
  • 01:32: Here I'll show you now I already made like that Now I have them germinate and Now even if see here these Here's pickles they already cucumbers pretty yes high and even here it's a way cucumber planting vopilki this to sprout cucumber to see what germination of cucumber and then transplant nourishing the soil, these
  • 02:02: cucumbers it will Further video I I'll show them transplant Well well Now we will put vopilki we are with you cucumbers and I'll show you in What is the it is this one Japanese method planting cucumbers it certainly not planted vopilki he planted but I immediately cups I plant in the sawdust you can with the same at the same cup us It needs hot water hot water for so that we shed sawdust
  • 02:32: this way the sawdust well absorbed moisture we shed dust they So you see, they very very of pretty good moistened with water wet filled with you hot water until we will do manipulation cucumber seeds cucumbers just yet then at the temperature sawdust will help Normally we require scissors and Scissors should be
  • 03:04: such that we seed might like this between the two so we talk about that is, have chopsticks or both the scissors we could 7 and put cucumber we take a pair of scissors and where spearhead in cucumber beak is placed between scissors we take here scissors and so gently press on nose cucumber that is obtained from We then he cracks
  • 03:35: and shall here such characteristic crack at Cucumber Why are we We do for the early germination of cucumber, we take scissors like this And so stifle beak and here He is seen here opens here slightly strong flattened seeds and lightly press To open a Levick the fact that Basically if you
  • 04:05: your seed owl together with their cucumbers you can like as friends those seeds just the edge of the teeth here so it's convenient English but why I did not I am doing this option and that is to seeds bought-in because if you are here Now you see here see seeds processed and you You learn to take in the mouth these seeds is not there yes all right any seeds I think I bought here
  • 04:35: Of course it is better not so we take We resort here and so and to a method of scissor Of course if you give domestic seeds you take and spearhead beak as usual seeds gnaws lightly-lightly press down and give sunflower seed open seeds that we you opened the beak decompose like this a nail file just here such that the temperature comfortable it is for seed germination, we We spread them with you
  • 05:06: what do we do next we take and sprinkle dry sawdust already it is not necessary to wet the opencs just the same here these dry sawdust upper layer they take us excess moisture which if we have overdo it with you to water they then we will take away take like that and something like this here compact that's how it all
  • 05:36: We planted cucumbers We do a further manipulation we take the package be sure to put in We package tray Currently I all very well germinate in a greenhouse it certainly should be warm warm the place where a house here but my advice is still what to put on Now germination do not put in the cupboard somewhere not hide
  • 06:07: because seminole and this way for that to To quickly about heavenly names, and you can just miss and seeds as it were, under the stretch so even now very sun screen and can be here in this able to deliver our seeds on a warm windowsill on the window sill the sun on the sun Well germination here still very one a fun way Why did not I tell you I used to tell tell you because The fact that it is always
  • 06:37: it all and check it way I I enjoyed in last year and I did it I liked here it is on seed germination but since I tried and it works now I I share with you and it's in that I do not know but we're always up Chinese way and he I turned and cut a long time ago This whole tomatoes life, we cut into them It could be someone grandmother so to such
  • 07:07: method resorted yes here and so you must write that yes here where my grandmother I used this way and we do not We call it already Japanese and he will really grandma's method because our grandmother even knot seeds on the body hung for to seeds germinate because and this way, too, work the way here at the same Japanese I concrete saw
  • 07:37: He takes the box I you just yet it can advise be out of Kinder surprise we got our cap what take cucumbers wrap in cloth put in a kinder surprise to and an important piece of cloth role and I rag hope gardeners All of them begin a damp cloth you can even moisten Appin with the energy we or at least so we you do that kulonchik do kulonchik from kinder
  • 08:08: surprise this dress kulonchik We go with this kulonchiki for day here he laughs in this way, too, possible way try to forgive see seeds big set and what is not only resort gardeners Well about the kinder surprise from I have it my modified Japanese He spent Plant interestingly it no kinder surprise him It was a common capsule may be ring therein buying or something normal plastic
  • 08:38: box and he interest Street cucumbers too Gather in this box you Important cloth clothed neck, and went to During the day here it's this here kulonchiki so try to try all it is very very I wondering all this captures and here when you really hereby gardeners because all that is necessary try as you Julia was it me Canal Are you the siege Gorodets yet