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Choysiya or Shuaziya ternate - greens for a bouquet from a foamiran  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, we We continue with you have to create our flower arrangement our bouquet can be We finished with manufacture of colors and now it's time complement our bouquet greens and different today I offer you with me to make some sprigs plants that I called Choisy reading three or Chelsea, despite the fact that
  • 00:31: she looks excellent and I it seems perfectly will look absolutely anywhere a bouquet or in any despite composition this is it very simple and fairly quickly look at me a few sprigs of them there hiding inside and here is one branch here it is me located plus inside there are several twigs and branches 3 I made with regard moldov for this
  • 01:01: plants will suit us I muzzle any triple in particular I used here so he MDL It called Mold peony little can also be use here such a plan turbidity in principle, they identical, and if you there is still not one of these mods I like you advised to immediately take great since it can be not printed leaf texture it side here these here The leaf on the side
  • 01:32: parts and the mole Generally it actually almost the same the most they say only a little larger size they are there is, as Thai and Russia, in principle, they are identical and Russian simply quality better with regard to the election Amiran to create directly today sprigs 7 I took tea white foamiran because I ' I wanted
  • 02:02: kind color distinctive colors these branches to they had kind of color and none of the samples file nor the early one producers and I did not I found a knife you do not have the best light the most appropriate color of all the things that have multiform palette fine wounds which is currently moment there the most appropriate color this olive Iran can or take it either
  • 02:32: I also take white foamiran commit any producer here this is absolutely not fundamentally and so just as I paint its acrylic paint Mix a few colors to achieve namely that shade which you may I also map I want all I wanted to say information of the this master class I voiced and let's start directly to to workshops and the creation of Casey
  • 03:02: is printed on the face piece foamirana previously it heating and cut from been printed preform from this pieces of leaf required we form with the cut leaves different sizes of the smallest to larger leaves Here it is about the I zagotovochka came forth its color the zagotovochki
  • 03:32: acrylic paint I Mix a few colors to get a light Yellow olive one that would be me He liked me arranged take delays I took the thinnest wire diameter 0 45 millimeters and swathes of its 3 Plenty and about the same colors that available from us leaves using the second glue or adhesive point
  • 04:02: gel glue each leaf small letunchik because the leaves small enough one central Do I have a ton the leaves have turned rather dull despite the fact that I used acrylic paint and I wanted make them more shine so I them I cover with acrylic You can also glue use acrylic lacquer glossy or matte Depending on how glossy you want to pay
  • 04:32: its leaves well, then left only collect twig on the middle of a very take the very top three leaves about most I once their little I laid out in piles Cut them to the eye therefore leaves It is all the different no two are alike but nevertheless I have them Order by small pile in each of which leaves about the same size and starting with the small start collect our sprig
  • 05:03: in a row we have 3 leaf fasten then the style down one centimeter and a half can be fasten following April 3 leaf and thus we obtained such conical twig most most young leaves top and top to bottom size leaves increases and expanded branch long branches certainly do Depending on their
  • 05:33: requirements I decided to extend a sprig of me it was enough length Whether wire colors so I just When I finished already primatyvat leaves another case wire twisted her in several layers and then wrapped her Plenty and a few layers to all this mess you align and twig woulda I rovnenko here are turned three wonderful sprigs that I will use their
  • 06:04: composition me they seem perfectly really look and will complement absolutely any bouquet I hope you liked current video I'll see you all until as always on next week