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Motives in the continuous way. From simple to difficult 1 (knitting motif) (узор#22)

Motives in the continuous way. From simple to difficult 1 (knitting motif) (узор#22)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day my dear lovers knitting I'm glad welcome you to its channel knitting Angelina winter all Good day today we will learn from you knit very beautiful in tune unseparated manner we recruit the first Five stitches and the closing of a circle and Air knit 8 eyelets
  • 00:32: 678 sc and do The circle closes column 3 with air nakida bar with tabs our first sc Club will have 3 stitches and and we need to knit 8 bars with sc This is our most the beginning of our most the first round of our
  • 01:02: remarkable beautiful motive Cotton thread I and can be paid in addition to knit any threads of thick thin wool it will still very nice one two three four five six seven and one column with 3 nakida aerial loops so we believe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 look here
  • 01:35: We find the one-two-three skip loops and 4 loop do connective column's beginning We now set our But in this we arches you knit 5 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 is made 2 sc and now here we are provyazyvaem 3 more column two sc in the country A total of 4 column
  • 02:05: between them do 3 aerial loops and knit even this is adjacent arches 4 column with 2 sc Column 4 with 2 nakida you are now 4 now we need to 9 to link the air
  • 02:35: loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I 2 sc and neighboring arochki knit 4 column two sc Our motive is only two rows the first series we are Knit 8 columns one between sc them have been Air couple 3
  • 03:06: tabs here see 3 air and adjacent loops arches are 4 column with 2 nakida now one more and that's like that Now we get Now the floor motif knit to
  • 03:36: we tie another we need a motive tie 25 or snip air and we will attached to the first motive we're here tied smoothly half knit we now look They bound themselves mate Now we will knitting adjacent motif and attach his next tune for this we need to air tie 20 loops and 3456
  • 04:06: We read her astray six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty-twenty, we Knit to end view 5 tabs 12345 Now connection column 2 and now refer to our
  • 04:38: chain here it is we we have to connection knit columns May 3, or how to climb up one well here see March 2 here turned knit 3 aerial loops 123 and knit our first Circle yes we remember
  • 05:08: to eight columns with one sc and between 3 aerial loops that we are doing 3 aerial loops column with sc and 3 more air loops we should happen 8 times 3 column with sc again two and three column with sc and even so I count how many have
  • 05:40: We treat 5 get 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 38 to another and the last sphere with 23 again we believe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 here is our beginning our first loop and join now also up Now here we are provyazyvaem 5
  • 06:11: connection column to catch 123 4 and 5 5 Behold, these I turn so Knitting's face our tabs found We are making 2 sc in the arochki we provyazyvaem 3 with two column sc and more asio It turned 4 column
  • 06:50: both should be on by knit pattern here January 2 petelechki 2 petelechki We are looking for here our first Now here's a couple of here we connect the stove pulled the hook in actually here a couple of 2 petelechki we here so that's a further 2 1 2 2 the next sc
  • 07:21: arochki knit 4 column with 2 sc for small arches because the more we join our motives, and they will sound single entity It is very nice look here we see provyazat here themselves and have see attached Now attach here for this knit 5 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 we find here
  • 07:55: Centre gel and hook togda I Collar 1 down gels hook and knit 41234 5 let the air We do loop 2 sc and neighboring arochki knit 4 column two But in sc general principle you
  • 08:30: must understand that All just do not fit difficult here we We do arochki 3 the aerial loops have over time we you do arochki 3 aerial loops once we do, and 9 in the process of knitting we will have join for small arches and forgetting they arochki will form very beautiful
  • 09:01: picture you see here is the connection whether here we were binding with you 9 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 sc made a couple with a 4 column 2 nakida four posts four now
  • 09:31: we make 3 arches the aerial loops and remember one we will jar you 9 is now again 3 and 4 column with two sc provyazyvaem We begin to knit following another motive single with Mosfilm you together then you try to have themselves Bound water here
  • 10:02: we see that do here in the first row in the first motif we do not dovyazali mate Second, we mothers Related Post completely and only this up, we Now we are left Air knit 20 remember these loops yes we knit 2 motive go two or three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen
  • 10:33: sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen Twenty-five loops and snip reckon 12345 we close the circle Th aerial loops we do here We reckon and do connection loops rise In our knitting on second round cold like this flip and for her 3 aerial loops one-two-three our circle we do 8 remember to
  • 11:05: 1 2 3 8 we do columns with one sc 1 2 3 so simple way we are knit our unseparated motif that can be apply in
  • 11:35: underwire of Topeka and buns can be like apply yoke 2 3 4 5 6 7 2388 three times two three are petelechku here and here and connects you corner exactly beautiful neat and
  • 12:05: We climb to 5 loops and snip up 12 3 45 that's up 2 turned nakida made him your the very first couple the first thing we were binding 4 column now three we January 1 column
  • 12:35: there's this element 4 Knit Knit 2 aerial loops find where our tune repeat everything is the same here here we introduce here hook petelechki our two air case eyelet and into the next a couple we do two sc Now the column and still
  • 13:06: these three pieces 23 Now we look We do five air one two three 4 May all here I am looking for equating beautiful and even here here we again join Now here there is still now it's you and I
  • 13:37: provyazyvaem 5 more 1245 aerial loops in the arches knit 4 that's the same then between the columns three of them so we dovyazyvaem you tune in here we are now tied knit with 4 column two sc 3 Air 4 column there is obtained in We airy 9 ie we dovyazyvaem with you motive and see how connect to the end
  • 14:08: as we dovyazali motif through and now we will complete knitting go the opposite direction We do it with you likewise 9 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 nakida this arches on the composition to which they Knitted we were binding 4 as the column with 2 sc 2 Another score 3
  • 14:39: and even those that's 4 to Now do arochki of 3 stitches and that's the last last one's left arochki we dovyazyvaem just 4 column two sc and our motive our motive is ready ready Now here we have completed
  • 15:15: before we attach Now here's the arches that we've got knit 5 air loops January 2 3 4 5 Here cling on center connective column here please our motive ready to knit another 5 stitches and char We are making 2 sc and now exactly the same in the same manner way we So we are knitted
  • 15:45: continue knitting the there we were binding the whole world and here we We reach the most end here we are now He'll get to like connect Vovk River we dovyazali until the end Now, you can either connect in the most circle as it will make one knit 2 3 4 5 aerial loops We find our last motive here he goes in
  • 16:16: the last arches one two three four we add five Now he's on the knit Column 4 with 2 sc we are with you We know and are able to do compound Connect with us Bischoff turns
  • 16:46: all very nice 3 aerial loops Here is a small arches here we have it here do not look at us Here is a Connect here we dovyazyvaem until the end Now all our beautiful tune it turns out we have connection and if you not yet dovyazali how to move to the second
  • 17:17: we tied the series digest suppose there ryadochkov ten to twelve motive here you are knit 25 or type to do all the same same as we did with Here you here Join now and here here's a look a second row Here you will tied tied here rose and circle tied all the motives and
  • 17:47: start join here But then here's here then over here there here I was knitting flirt with the kites such his mother on a warm sew that thing there He has such lyamochki on then two motives I returned back dovyazala you if there would be some summer beautiful slim thing you knit second row back
  • 18:18: back and thus the latest the side cover you ties in nicely eyelets subscribe to my channel and are ready knitwear you can buy