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How to spin a zagibka \"a lazy braid\". Natalya Sorokina's MK.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today we cast on words dance what Sorokin and we asked for it with a request to show Bending is Recently often found her and works very very looks nice, I I think that those who do not
  • 00:32: He loves to solve charades wicker and especially beginners This master class It is very useful Bending simple but very noble and Good afternoon, well I just want continue right said Helen all that wave more suitable for beginners Well, in principle it little good look at all products look as well as on the plain and so in monochrome you
  • 01:02: on the two-color to me more like it as it turns out I would braid her even the so-called lazy pigtail Basically there are only two rows and also 1 Well I I take a look as I do I mean that's doplela triangular shape and the triangular Sachek little corner and raised here I doplela until the right moment Now we need to
  • 01:32: proplesti par contrasting tubes rope 4 I do not tubules close last two tubes and a I dress them in here I want to Water began. so here are the tube cutting and naiskosochek market and the elite and now
  • 02:02: Now here we are and take the tube's this color here then I'm doing a brown tube I just I want to show I have the color I yellow finish tubes and netting then how would eyelets than not dress to 2 tbsp. and then continue that's one department tube now here barely dripped
  • 02:33: glue here and here I invest inside another brown tube here I turned over this clash for two rolls are not Now similar farther here again we were dripping Adhesive dress our cinnamon tube refineries stoyachok and another tube and here, too, laid
  • 03:05: Now this worries me It got 4 workers tubes and so well, now beginning to weave our rope 4 tube well seen some sequence the farthest take Factory show 1 stoyachok then next 2 stoyachok good job and then I'm holding weaving to avoid It was on the loose and well
  • 03:36: then later too, that it somehow It looks good in this way we add our Christmas tree 4 rolls everything is very simple so here I am on I look I have not It will mean we naturally cut off like this I definitely
  • 04:07: in the last row I use the glue be sure to even if it is climb still together not spending will not dress and continue on so well, that we propleli and the whole series of rope 4 tubes approached We reached the end our first old man with whom started And now if we had to prop fly next row pigtail or something
  • 04:37: transition as shown Richard, we would We used first Now the tube then this is then penultimate and Recently, but since we work and ends with us these tubes need Now we hide We see the shape and the head Now turn this tube is here will remain but These three turns Head of clashes and hide them under So we take the most
  • 05:22: rightmost our working tube and forget here for the the old man I put on the spokes Now here we are now so very neatly We introduce a dress night I spoke crumpled's and thus blood We take out the curse and laid this It went our weaving
  • 05:52: all on-site salon together things just case here modicum Glue is this tail and because it is prune them to but do not interfere in the Basically they cut off the most recent the time is now The following is our for this one corner the old man We do the same thing and then
  • 06:22: the last straw this and this is a tube we simply do not have to place would we cut Well, that's how we'll 4 I tucked tail slightly cropped that they are not me prevented principle now we go to second row final only two of a number of means I see weaving right and left Now workers clash and will be laid from left to right rope 4 rolls therefore here I I try to
  • 06:52: seamy side do the same rope 4 rolls ie, each I need the old man make 300 egg ipad 4 when the rope we They wove we invested three 4 similarly here Only on the inside side well for to check Is the most sufficient high place here It is the shortest I look from stoyachok it is quite will be enough bed shook. 4 so start
  • 07:23: It can be quite a anywhere from any stanchions example let's from here you have a hero stand stanchions cheeks I have not wet I simply fingers Now in this way in both directions in one aside time they will to mean that side of his little I began to count again two or three here is my the fourth meeting under this string we start spoke dress our stoyachok the spoke and So he laid all
  • 07:56: all is calm following again the same most fingers kneaded again under our Christmas tree Do not worry if your rope lifted little it all then it will fall into I think more places 6 they moisten the maybe she not bad but when he Pizza will process will hairballs garden
  • 08:26: meaning simply that whether there is hydration, we do not What we do there pigtail should be a matter of several times their started up so Here they quietly fall dry how many of them 4 to 5 per test pirates Well laid stoyachok Now look well what happens inside it is not quietly fall all quietly here so as absolutely continue
  • 08:57: all clashes there where We will corner there must be well Well hold your finger so let's have a wee bit to your use skills your time rather reach the corner your these tails let it remain they do not prevent they will be cropped with these Now we have given
  • 09:32: go to our little corner first look stoyachok horoshenechko placed next Hall barrel under it get Now you see it here what happens to corner
  • 10:02: we here such as if I obtained Collar this petelechku I try to like this come presses so I pressed tell it even on the next time again similarly like so pressed and The last we a report on and so Continue to the end Well, we have filled all essentially tubes
  • 10:33: Our business has been for Smiling girl I'm ready It remains only and and a little I ennoble I do take the right pva glue undiluted and Upper start here these yellowish grease tube in this way He missed a good hand and only up I say it again later begin their pull up beautifully and to install and laid here see here and here the difference is already here
  • 11:03: in this way all one by one to avoid krasivenko krasivenko all invested so there they a little soaked I am a second time only this time the adhesive is not promazyvat more again so even if you far between the stitches in the I I think that everything has been know that no more than 2 centimeter still they are well stowed it is So they can see how they they pulled
  • 11:34: everything all at Lena and little corner especially little corners here so as it should abundant good and lubricates and it tightens us This tube is now here it is, our tube and a little corner and no longer the little corner tightens over here here here here so here here's a look You see in the get here and so here it is quiet little corner
  • 12:04: then here it is here this This tube is here Video not one another one another imposed due this stick and still due to the fact natural course we lubricates glue I have not yet terrain I have only this one row stack the last key and now look at it I speak now
  • 12:35: we come to the corner of point of our fallen the highest place most stubby I ponytail get here This continues all row Here you can see so they look like already laid down in our pigtail 4 rolls the same as the top our visible both on duty pigtail, and so lazy go on the whole series and then we We leave all this design when all was put to the full drying here
  • 13:06: Basically our lazy pigtail ready I it completely the whole line greased and so drawn all will, all our Now packed clashes we will have dries so we do not I waited for show on another work here is that I have dried up look carefully here I distance clashes between much less of the here yet
  • 13:36: still ok This article looks this I will have a nose here at Easter I pasting for eggs Now here's mouth We need prune these tips they should not be pull this aside that they stand to the side so we prune them flip and quietly here thus naiskosochek trimmed and everything Again, he will look in the wrong direction not sure how to prune
  • 14:08: can be lower as it is possible below but in this for girls it's the most important thing Now I will show cropped look if it is so they will move can be seen as even if at the level of eyes almost the tips are not visible but when we primed with one some water on top of it by the fact that your rope still more voluminous even here so here it is possible to slightly tilted they do then there will be innocent
  • 14:38: Well here's a look even at this breadbox where there can be seen absolutely committed in the I do not see or here too most thawed only That's how to turn and then we will see protruding tips the attack did not seen well here in principle and further all of you, I crop the from then on go priming varnishing so on it was nice to everyone to see if my little guest Camera in abutment
  • 15:08: family Tishchenko congratulations and stenochkoy all with Happy female day all health and any peaceful sky benefits, and of everything very good successful weaving workshops creative ideas I join congratulations to spring holiday love and femininity He discovered for himself in Natasha just such interesting thing until Natasha poured we're with found such dota beauty
  • 15:39: managed for a while bare look what an interesting pattern inside absolutely clean the outside of here these crosses and we are diamonds and screaming so I already once with I hope you viewers referring to Natasha request to show us and this pattern is very it looks interesting Here on a newspaper in newspaper design monochrome your feedback is worth
  • 16:10: I do not think it's worth there is even an opinion frankly I take on your opinions and I appeal to the assembly to so I hope that following soon meetings