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Bath base heat-insulated floor \/ Bath basement floor heating

Bath base heat-insulated floor \/ Bath basement floor heating  See details »

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  • 00:00: master hello theme our form of heat foundation in the bath or bath heated floors, we this the secret is already but told Now we summarize all for you in the new schemes and give more detail maybe you have a bath formed carcass cheap or built from beautiful log of dear Angara
  • 00:30: pine the most important thing for him to rule warm floor if there is any room in section looks enough Well elegantly steam Washing room Recreation can be even with a fireplace ordinary people it is unclear the most important thing in bath stomped and here we red is allocated own cellar itself baths exactly where sweating exactly where to clean Temperature in this the room is very important but here is an important and floors
  • 01:01: You see like water must somewhere leak of this premises where the wash somewhere in the picture all beautifully painted and where it flows away where it remains possible there is something somewhere maybe there is rotting something somewhere is not a prize wafts under the floor because we do not know how there arranged everything under and people on the floor We built and left hence the silly bad bath smell in humans just smells
  • 01:32: some dugout soggy bath microbes Now all these pathogens are does not accumulate in the correctly built basement under on either does not take the in the context of the most simple bath So you see here many Here's to build such bath consider them in more less than normal negative thinking because some wrinkled separately but oh look what It is here in this powerful in the corner there It is certainly not
  • 02:02: shower tray here in general such a bath better not to build Only in the most no self-respecting people can bath shower tray in the room It should be on the bench who can sit and lie down and washed in full height You understand this bath that in order to so you can rest It was foaming and mylitsya in the bath every corner of this powerful grist not anywhere thought about and What we have there under These floors These arrows
  • 02:32: questions refer to Where are we there water flows, and how we will be in the bath wash warm in the winter there or both and that's when Bath was built here in such a technology when she could standing on concrete poster or on Strip foundation on the concrete one absolutely not thinks that in winter underground bath is as cold as himself the air outside
  • 03:03: because you do not bath Heated during week and only if when we need it and if underground in Bath cold it scores themselves to minus the temperature as you not drown Do not drown the bath then you see our red arrows show that it swim OK if you can not they built for this technology tape foundation Many build such Bonilla washed a deep foundation do here this it turns out concrete bowl and on it already top
  • 03:34: set himself Log buildings baths, too, especially without thinking much it will all be water dress up in the end it turns out here such scheme high concrete strip foundation and axillary arranged here such underground maybe even the depths deeper than knee Here is a concrete underground sloped she is currently gaining and all cold and frost in the winter months Now imagine this
  • 04:04: a volume of Hold'em This stocking up under his bath in this concrete and the whole itself the volume of cold the air is at the root of we wrong offer bath build underground bath quite differently the foundation would let belt concrete the foundation then produced backfilling normal soil mostly clay can but the fact that the gravel no longer will sit Then we fill here it's base concrete on which will drain all here
  • 04:34: this liquid somewhere a particular point to from there to sewers all have we came but we see flickers Now the concrete layer both of which must water flows and we I fill in the concrete block i.e keramsit screed is that already more or less could warm ie At least she did not will give when cold bath fired you see in We bake food red as we make offer
  • 05:05: between the washing and steam room special window that can be open the ceiling in that the hot air He penetrated into the washing on quiet quietly it cools the powerful and the pair itself falls below a the floor in the steam room along half goes to the oven and washing sinks through the cracks specially made in the floor in a powerful underground this bath which we did not divided wall two volume we aim 1 cellar and surround
  • 05:35: the most important thing if We met here these cracks in the floor in the form y we have on the floor is made slit their ponies and steam room and washing and then the air This circulates room in one the total amount if you does not need the temperature highly powerful you You can close the a special window of which allocated us yellow to hot air ceased to circulate wash it cools again the same sinks
  • 06:05: under the floor and go through total subfields bath bath furnace again to arrange a air circulation the heated air seeks top so all the air which in the furnace area there are more or less furnace cooled to all equal right throws upstairs warming turns Here is a uniform convection steam it tougher and more powerful because there is in fact worth directly but enough heat is because main
  • 06:35: edifice if we here This concrete screed which under floors we have done made of keramsit it if at least not but also does not warm At least she did not It cools the air that circulates in This small volume subfloor against volume that we you see where he came half a meter deep strip foundation and made it huge concrete tub cold air in We have our conditions of everything is working
  • 07:05: the maximum amount of clear air underground completely ban minor and he participates in common circulation when already unban finished baths use oven pawned some amount of wood again to all bath and it dries Convection is here movement of air not only dries bath itself but the whole cellar and here these All here this screed no concrete Mold nothing water is formed all It goes down the drain
  • 07:35: so here's a look link our young video sewer in bath is very important how to arrange sewers here to correlate it with this up in what place it is necessary to arrange sewer outlet sewage here in this here underground to avoid smelled the sewage without any water Shutter if you see you Relate the two project and understand how We have to do it all in eventually we are We summarize our thoughts will gather together if we have
  • 08:05: special window Warm wash we We can use it efi we have special Special windows you You can simply open the door of the steam is powerful and then that's it circulation will warm your powerful until it you will until it reaches the the desired temperature If this premise do you becomes hot you can close the door if you have a vent window especially here this aboard his close because the floors
  • 08:35: heating shis once they have not cooled down still water because clean not too cold it participates warming Now this room It means the most important principle the total amount of subfloor which does not give cold for air that participates in common circulation baths and floors in a powerful You must be met from a fairly strong bars but they should be such here transparent to
  • 09:05: thermal convection to be between gap somewhere 5 millimeters to 6 to have been slit and steam to you too It was slit to the bottom guy can could air flow your steam for heating if you do this is the warm box ventilation Closed door in steam room and closed the of these air gaps in the steam room to do so I would not want you this is to note if you want to be in some point temperatures on me maximally
  • 09:35: air in the steam will flow from subfloor more or less heard only If you open this ventilation in the car wash or open the door to powerful air then He begins to participate in the circulation and so it is absolutely not but cools the steam make provision in these areas very comfortable listen smart tips people to sign to our feed