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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends began spring It started the holiday season and again began our for though strawberries here we arrived at the cottage spring pleased then he teased Again snow piled party descended on as already engaged strawberries Now it is well wintered nothing We have not been removed Here it is covered hydrangea flowers for mom all right very preserved and We begin the first thing just raking here
  • 00:30: All this sheet fan-top they rake like a they are very convenient so now we will raking the whole extra sheet conveniently leaves fan-raking rake because we would like it not uproots small and over remain at Sochi they are convenient here I look how much moves from mice left course the problem with these Mice that do well and Now after raking all the leaves
  • 01:00: than all unnecessary sheltered need old lead cut but this work can postpound on later it allows time as the weather permits I'm somewhere in time to bleed somewhere not have time Now I try out new cha pack which recently I bought who told handle the same length and th well fine razor-sharp and it nose, and it is possible and so just great Well, of course the speed work be healthy now! so here all right
  • 01:31: pouring to roots breathing very quickly I'm fast with it straightening bed well proryhlit to roots and warmed We began to breathe so it the next part I work here strawberries friable and she even cheered them until your so the body will continue our care for our strawberries and here
  • 02:02: flags are I He said thick better it would have been in the summer when I had the berries note but better bushes other boxes just removed already from They took the mustache so here are 20 of his just as a sample and Now we will continue take off after loosening strawberries need feed but different can be feeding if you have the possibility that you can solution of liquid manure Slurry can also cook any age his fertilizers vertica
  • 02:33: Agricola possible e.g. sulfate ammonium Dissolve 20 grams 10 liters of water can be 30 gram of NPK dissolve in action 10 liters of water and pour Grow up a small bush on glass until it plain bush more this is where the half a liter may 07 when the bush ie a very large and is being fed love water-soluble fertilizer next procedure is very I will definitely important
  • 03:03: and I spend, and I think it very important again process of care strawberries This watering strawberries early spring in the center bush hot water temperature 60-61 degrees with food addition but now potassium permanganate continue talk more this is hot water completely removes Problems chemical against insects it It causes the death not only strawberry
  • 03:33: tick on the other pests and roots Harm will not be because that getting into the soil at depth 45 cm hot water already have a temperature of 30 degrees so strawberry roots by do not suffer procedure is very an important plus with adding potassium permanganate dark color is obtained as I double protection dual processing So here's what I think that's the most important thing in the spring strawberry processing one more problem which can be associated with strawberries and you should not lose sight of
  • 04:03: This type of disease often strawberries It affects different patchiness ie on the leaves formed such spots and of course this We need to fight it in early spring take care of it Why am I in this year I will handle strawberries I handle treated medication you sulfur-based budget and it is considered enough a dangerous drug for bees and waiting period only one day so I chose this a drug but also because we still regularly
  • 04:34: treat strawberries and how some of these here no disaster so it is enough the drug but if strawberries in Last year it was very impressed from this blotch large percentage of leaf was then infected be treated something recently it suitable drug Speed topaz Rayong well analgesic so drugs a must process we have another helper faithful helper in
  • 05:04: pest control and diseases that not that too we must not forget it Like for good sprinkle with strawberries on Wet leaves and here the role of the rooms, and not dressing and here exactly pest control and weevil It helps of the disease as prevention and by that is, the parents also not be neglected so if necessary there is a possibility of Hall is very good sprinkle here on
  • 05:35: leaves well as the time it so that the ashes Of course we do, we We do every year Well my story on strawberries fit the end of the spring treatment I just want more added that if Compost has a very well under the bushes and aisle of chick from the compost is very well so it is desirable to do and in the end we
  • 06:05: leave the arc to to get an early Strawberry harvest us the young strawberry well, until the arc oak free spirit of a lot thus sheltering all what can I Well Well all told that so I wanted to you say goodbye I wish you peace of mind you all good good harvests treat their strawberries while that the weather is not prevented and all you good