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Skirt year with very strong flare or MAD YEAR Part 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: we'll continue to working years, we have made 8 blade skirt behind the knee 12 g helically d blade with a very low level wheel and 8 blade length increased cache of rear seams today our theme is mad years when I say wildly berries is well so very big but the years we call it so, and I'm talking like it there couples can someone considered that the name indecent replace it other write yourself or call very
  • 00:30: much fruit as we We call mad years today I am with myself I will build here a skirt sim 6 blade 17 cm from the waist line will it is absolutely remember and of 17 centimeters It will be a huge flared here's one wedge See below hips and the time of the resurrection when 17 centimeters from the top and is gone Now polusolntsa Imagine 6 wedges polusolntsa our skirt the bottom is
  • 01:00: equal to triple the sun and the fabric is of course very many many necessary but such suits me skirt OBZH they wore these skirts are very very luxurious as it So lots and lots of it and at the same time she does not look fat because that here it is absolutely on the figure part of the return to our drawing I I make small I'll retreat I gave 4 skirts and every time micro or when the basic framework we have been back volume ahead of the other volume but about me, we We will do a
  • 01:30: wedge that all 6 the line will be the same built because but there is no such not here convexity here same here same here rovnenko how would I know her figure will build not from the base fundamentals and a wedge builds count it a wedge certainly not suitable all but you already know basic framework divide the glue so I have for you I am not afraid but who here may feel that he himself may like this that's how I simplify little your life please forgive No Apply 6 wedges
  • 02:00: on a basic framework see the skirt see here our Further skirt 104 circle 6 of the femur 116 17.4 this circle one sixth of April 19 skirt length 63 centimeter what 17 and 4 is the size of one wedge and we need to know half here we Now when we build one with a wedge you have lobar Bending goes like this exactly in the middle and we Now this one
  • 02:30: mate will build here and so and we see here come upstairs battles together 8.7 8.7 It is April 17 at the hips and 9.7 the other half 9.7 together this April 19 with right now you proceed built here such Now all wedge wedges All 6 wedges on me will be the same in this video, we'll Now we construct a I have all the wedge I tell you how to work with very well,
  • 03:01: great crumble in our this place side seam not side edge of the wedge It is easy visas easy as you shows how to round the little corners and I went across possible tempted to do Well, so his example that is, but not mad as mad as that but I want you to warn lobar tissue transverse tissue in You will not be here problems with seams when we leave here this seam, we do not
  • 03:31: equity is not a cross and 45 degree oblique but such a simple I was out gave cross out then it is very difficult be considered and consolation will be very a lot of problems here here with stitches but the Yet in these tabs they are not very visible you can go to the risk but we are with you We will do so during It is wildly mad Here is exactly how I you drew 6, the lengths of cloth consumption Now you and I need to 6 wedges cut then 6 times 63
  • 04:01: Our centimeter skirt so we will go fabric can certainly combine them there some parts do cutting here here but I do not like bother me better to cut out already present themselves without restraint berries here and so on top of the cloth with bent our q half millimeters but then 60 centimeters in Me and you are your own represent how much you have here this line here, this line as you well I It took shape like this 60 no bathe paper doubly folded here
  • 04:32: this is my line center I wedge it later prorisuem marker and Now fold and now waistline fifteen centimeters down hip line of really I actually even higher hip line but I'm here to make it where I put off even my thighs and 60 centimeters June 3 cm from the waist line at We length skirt length so here is now on waist and hips
  • 05:06: need to set aside our half sizes wedge waist circumference from June 1 half of the mean 8.7 here 9.7 Here are 9 and 7, 9 and 7 is It obtained April 19 9.7 look and perform
  • 05:36: just such a removal the science and it turns out its writing 8.7 February 1 9.7 1 2 next postpone our
  • 06:06: line where from the waist line we begin our resurrection 17 centimeters and draw this line until the end will closely I repeat all It will be fine here So now we here 17 and we need to Now this line see here from the beginning up to the waist the bottom and up to the edge we must be 63
  • 06:37: cm as Here we have 3 cm means that 60 years is not to take away 1763 17 how to calculate this is distance here this all line I could wedge should be 63 cm as length It means we We need to calculate here this segment and we 17 here here 17 means we have to sit this one line segment 63 will take 17 46 centimeters
  • 07:10: lay off 46 centimeters soon Finally you will see Our wedge you see It took 60 centimeters and I am here only only enough here it is natural acts slightly rounded well and strongly slightly 1 Does I waistline 2 Venia hip line a third line if more than once wreck where Here begins our resurrection and Recently this video not for the be careful of
  • 07:49: this point where we crossed the line of the hips hsien resurrection We hold our line to the line for like this Lisa's Valley Now here we Skirt 100 is flat and that's Then he finishes but imagine if Statement this one here pryamougolnichek It should be a quarter the sun check with us here there should be 46 to 47 for some reason
  • 08:25: turned 46 do Now that's all well check the watch see here this is the distance that's it It should be like this Distance equal and Now from this point build a quarter
  • 08:56: the sun here distance from the line times collapse to the bottom 46 centimeters and we here So ray direction systems order arrange all 46 time is urgent and so you better direction 46 46 46 46 46 best 46
  • 09:30: see here on this line wherever ended our flat and wedge boiler and resurrection this is our quarter sun here it is a quarter of the sun and When we deploy it Of course we will have there's just mad years, look here I share with you my if you go there for sure
  • 10:00: Here at trailing well something like this develop it in half is our spit I do not I touch 45 degrees here in this place at centimeter possible make a long story very a forward portion of a bit to remove it very always stronger pulled together and Now it turns out that's Our line here will never shoot at 45 degrees a little later it all
  • 10:30: anyway here it is no longer neither does it all start Our cut wedge Now you will see our Wedge's look at ham it we will now completely I probably ready I cut out immediately with Reputation and small to I cut once
  • 11:02: gain and found then do not have to to fool to live we are ready Of course, we remember that when we have a big key at the bottom of a strong flexible under any of course not 5 March 7, this is the largest Role seam or something or under or a protein Hem 05 five minutes
  • 11:32: millimeters so I knowing yourself is nothing here here I do not add a who likes to add this age please just add on currently there centimeter or how much you because it seems well you need to cut 6 identical wedges and every time you our add this really confuse here Our half knee 6 blades are our figures
  • 12:03: Yes, our waist and hips section is not our They are not looking for six parts and has 12 well Here we reveal our client here and so we will look wedge and wedge in such We will have 6 here are our when you have our butterfly 6 Now these laid and it's wedges will skirt mad GD now very much there are young girls Well, that fear They fear worse than death excess fabric on itself excess centimeters
  • 12:33: that's what they think more they are in torment there in oblipku in oblipku hang out the more line will attractive but not Fear lush skirts have put the blouse GDP a cup and longer allow yourself to magnificent skirt is very elegant and it's faster you will attract a barrel attention than ever Here you will here about completely full completely naked as the all in the mind from what I like of course for the fact that He had no such fear of something magnificent
  • 13:03: the don something free and because now fashion is very different and narrow water and fitting and wide and so free we have a wide opportunity now be especially diverse I forgot you draw severally no look where he was we knocked it Live thread write lobar do from hips flared any here
  • 13:34: from this point little can be crumbs and more each and every Sew may be these things we making and cutting here so they can be there may be seams it may be because other tissue very well combined for example, one skirt ton of peas exhibitions to solid color blouse fantasy turn is infinite absolutely opportunity dream on this we'll say goodbye to you were I Paukštė
  • 14:04: Irina and Alex sinks next video we win this skirt with my time property for me