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Cultivation of vegetable marrows (how to receive a harvest a month earlier)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello good Welcome to the channel green Planet this video I want share their secrets Of how To get a good squash harvest much earlier than they would have increased your in the open countryside ground here such here zucchini we need to do To obtain good hearty harvest a fortnight then a month earlier than it would be in outdoors Well firstly zucchini necessarily sadim of seedlings is not It means that it is absolutely
  • 00:30: all you need to squash planted from seedlings for a family of five person of understanding enough weed every table day they will give February 1 zucchini ie three it will be from the bush three to six pieces on family of five this will be enough to First we head capacity to do for seedlings everything just take and plastic bottles and 5 liters cut off her top bottom envelops This piece of oilcloth package can be well any piece of oilcloth All that you have
  • 01:00: fasten with tape in two or three places here now I'm on the video you show an advantage such that the package vegetable marrow transplantation It will be without injury to very root their problematic grow because and are very traumatic roots to do everything very good and fast without the need travmatiki do here this package well and wrap to disembark zucchini and ground us We need humus so
  • 01:31: how it is best develop root system to sadim 347 glasses then just when they came if all three sprout 2 zucchini remove 1 leave the bottom line is that zucchini seedlings grown 20-25 days no more than once will have two this sheet immediately the transplanted transplanted into open squash of all ground first of all vegetables ie sprouts temperature plus seven 8 plus they already quietly sprouting
  • 02:01: here is a bag from We have now obtained we just need to land Semochko well to wait until will increase squash it very developing rapidly then on again 20-25 days and we are already We prick out when planted seedlings planted seedlings in the open ground doing here a cell around our bush this cell envelope oilcloth top cells put here such another cell do the effect thermos we need to have to create the most warm conditions Our tavern is
  • 02:31: can be such or It is such a point is that between the layers oilcloth should be at least 10 then centimeters creates the effect of thermos and you squash will plant starts to grow his early mid-March, we We dropped our tavern Secret 2 necessarily pollinating our zucchini manually that is, very often there is bad weather and we lose the first if losing record First envy you You lose 7-10 days from first appearance
  • 03:02: zucchini but everything just looking for female flower female flower always goes ovary take the male flower CUT and fringe very careful not slowly it's Searing as disclosed flower insert here the main thing not to hurry so as not to These break down typical ki gathered pollen around and neatly We fuse our flower after his we take gash We collect it in a heap to press down after there has bee not penetrate, we already everything is done sadim
  • 03:33: 3 so dense bush with three head enough to a family of five to six people and get here such here zucchini there are varieties that pollinated parthenocarpic ie without bees fruit appears without they pollinate pollination it is not necessary that is read on the pack and still One secret of zucchini in I landed on compost pile here seen more there a few more cubes that I planted nonseedlings method just as the Semochko around on a circle
  • 04:04: I have a bunch of these three bush and they quietly grow what is good than good landing near compost pile and itself a heap heap when always overheats heated even in March, when there is snow we can land safely to squash the earth and it is well warmed develops on planted zucchini do we put effect thermos I showed put din frame made of wire it is wound oilcloth and top yet one is too even a small
  • 04:34: meter on another bring down from the boards and some floor frame nod between oilcloth oilcloths should be 10 cm not less then create thermos effect on May 1 I have been here such zucchini planted seedlings on March 15 and 1 May I have zucchini grow very fast 40 to 50 days from the landing you will first zucchini as they do not fear cold I said the main temperature that was not above zero below 15 degrees
  • 05:04: Potter masks are very undemanding to heat Semochko sown It can be at a temperature + 78 degrees and under oilcloth we need create a temperature not less than 15 degrees with 15 degrees they already fine develop produce so the root system like zucchini planted on the compost pile it during fermentation warming up and he quietly growing accurately just do not need nothing more than fertilize with compost pile it takes all that but he must
  • 05:34: the only thing that Pour before tied to squeeze in We began to develop Pour zucchini times a week when there were squash watered every three days this is enough head to well develop our zucchini and pleased we have abundant harvest that's all so I grow here such here zucchini very early very I love them and because I try to grow at least 3-4 bush this is enough head every day eat from early spring until late autumn
  • 06:05: zucchini they loved place thumbs up watch the video subscribe to Thanks to all channel goodbye