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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive today my simple home food fish burgers in Odessa are two the point of preparing a usual small fish with anchovies and to start you need to cut the fish fillets and this is difficult part recipe although with proper skill is done just one movement if one the motion is you can do so here severed head cut the abdomen remove insides then fish wash out very easily separated Ridge with rib bones in
  • 00:30: a result of obtained large fillet in passing say that for this recipe can be taken not only Finn can take any other fine fish only thing that it is easy to divide that from it was easy to remove bone this video By the way, I let out another video here It was not more complex the task was not necessary easy to cut small fish on to cut so way to happened here such here or here all much easier way saying fillet is still possible
  • 01:00: additionally Cut to fish It was smaller and Let us dough for the test on the floor kilogram not Sections of the river nike us It takes three average chicken egg add salt pepper by the way here so that's not to rub salt into Loose chicken eggs are not quite better right their first become loose in the same salt and pepper add the flour to the consistency of the dough into pancakes around somewhere will need 3
  • 01:31: tablespoons flour with gorochkoy Well that happened It is rather dense although the proportion of dough highly and all ballpark done to taste mood here and there adds sliced fish with wish to add chopped fresh herbs You can take parsley You can take dill you can add on cilantro can add finely chopped garlic
  • 02:01: stirring love add Mayo can add a little bit of mayonnaise if you do not mind and should have It is rather dense But the test is not a test I call it test thirds of the dough on meatballs all of us will heels fry sing along to pans vegetable oil Put the dough in the same manner as the you shell out the dough
  • 02:32: on pancakes and fry on both sides until golden and Valley may take burgers until cooked all the most important 200 until cooked fish usually quite fry meatballs on simmered with two sides still do a couple of coups Fish usually has time During this time well fry thoroughly but if Suddenly it did not have time You can either be fried then add meatballs the pan slightly cover with lid
  • 03:02: then a little or put oven willingness to me. you can always you can check break one bitochek and see roasted fish and summer if strikes It means all okay I have not roasted It means either a cover or in the oven spread the next portion test and thus fry all give these meatballs like burgers independent Dish though no one will not forbid them to submit
  • 03:32: of side dish and so our food fish burgers Podolsk ready will not remain traditional wish nice appetite cook simply delicious thanks that were with me watched videos and all of you good