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  • 00:00: Greetings pilgrim you are looking for information on how become richer and you it found but to know the laws of money We need a clean mind devoid of thought Say the word aloud good if you did not say this word means all still consider their actions do this exercise Give yourself a chance to become a rich man, and so disconnect thinking
  • 00:31: say the word blessing out loud I hope the good you have followed my the advice I wish you good and wealth trust me and so Act 1 money is the equivalent of your usefulness to people and peace late this rule to practice after view Share this video other people and then you will know the second
  • 01:02: Generally thought of money I scored with the knowledge I do not think that this nobody wants entered in a state of abundance you can take third law of money money given to those whom they really need this video as well as all events in your life It is not accident this video got to you because that you are looking for and found information true origin wealth this information searches
  • 01:32: millions of people around the world let into their lives this information will through you they will be grateful you and then you will know fourth law of money the money is in the one who grateful for life what has state needs causes poverty a position to Thanks generates wealth thanks to the
  • 02:02: of people back to you and you will know one another typically wealth thanks people back to you hundredfold so sacrifice on charity tenth of their income and Thanks be so that your wealth will not limit but it is genuinely not for the sake of wealth and so my friend you have I learned a lot will gather together all that I I said earlier than more
  • 02:33: people you will useful in a moment time, the richer you you do it state of abundance and the faster and all greater and greater number of people will be useful getting richer getting richer I donate 10 percent of their income and thanks be to you always creating more wealth directly Now start to be
  • 03:03: useful to people Share this video tell others about it everywhere where only and as soon as you can can and your life begin change if inside you something to hurt you do it I know it is not giving you become richer Know the rules of life we can supply but the purpose is not in our able to predict how we get it to her for
  • 03:33: We decided life trust her and she will lead you to your goals not trusting life is impossible come to true and wealth our minds too It is limited and can not see that endless a plurality of paths reaching your goals and even life can opportunity implement best your life script This act was most planned
  • 04:03: life of contradictions Share this video maximum number of people any known your ways and that will lead you to your the true purpose this wealth and here you will know last law wealth have rich on your right Born in the a position to you can afford currently do his life and it is for this we are on this
  • 04:34: and it is for the planet This was given to us Get creative life my life now Spread it videos as possible More ways if you can not even do it nothing ever not change your life but
  • 05:14: at but