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Secrets of cultivation of potatoes

Secrets of cultivation of potatoes  See details »



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  • 00:00: seemingly no Nothing is easier than plant potatoes and all the nuances of this process know all gardeners and gardeners Yet each each time you next landing potato opening something completely new and unexpected consider the main rules in other words said chief secrets high potato harvest So the first thing should pay focus is on planting material after all quality seeds Potato is the key
  • 00:30: good harvest noted that the less than the tuber larger than it would tuber, and vice versa so it is best planted tubers average amount or cut large tubers thus to each of the had several sips but the club must be cut not across and along the way as the most quality time you appear on so called top be the tuber careful if yield from time becomes
  • 01:00: worse what to buy new boarding material update it is recommended times in five years, or do is at least partially most common mistake most Truckers is that the potato is planted many years on the same beds must at least every alternate year it for example with vegetable crops in Ideally potatoes must return in its place is not sooner than three year and shows practice because of
  • 01:31: of potatoes begins to degenerate tubers are often ill due to accumulated infections in the soil the land itself must be sufficient the amount of sand for In order to ensure supply oxygen to the potato tuber and keep in mind deep-set give fines and tubers battles abundance optimum depth planting it in Scheme 80 centimeters landing recommended 80 to 35 remember that the thick planted plant
  • 02:02: will be enough purged and because this could rise of probability blight what As for the most suitable period for planting potatoes it is about the time when birch trees begin blossom leaves even according to People sign start planting potatoes should then be when the birch leaves will the size of a penny coin there is a little trick in order to get big tasty tubers need
  • 02:32: I was slightly buckled bathroom after that nutrients consumed exclusively on tuber development but to carry out such procedure must be after one or two weeks after flowering have due to late blight never develops on soils are rich in copper so will properly if directly before planting treat the tubers solution of copper vitriol by him spray tops especially in the initial but if the growth stage you notice that leaves begin
  • 03:02: Black Outdoor photo Rose then you need to immediately crop tops Do burn the edges potato field It can be planted horseradish calendula or aromatic herbs they are all positive affect Health and potatoes Now scare Colorado potato beetle plants such as coriander cats maths Tansy, or their marigolds better to land on the edge of the potato beds As for care for potatoes it It is hilling weeding watering and fertilizing very important
  • 03:33: organize balanced fertilizer since one-sided potato dressing sided action example at increase amount of potassium and nitrogen obtained plant rises and if the mass of the tubers the increase the amount of phosphoric acid it will increase the number of so tubers every useful element as much as possible effective combined with the rest nutritious Thanks substances for view Put your finger up and sign to our feed