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Difference of thinking of the rich and poor person.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello, friends rich and poor people differ in their thinking they are different look at one and the same thing and for to change their tangible position to to get richer earn more to have more money you need at least one point out the fact that I
  • 00:31: Now you say change that is need to change their thinking and way normal not a rich man I think that money is at the root of all evil planet it these words can not pronounce but somewhere on the level he is unconscious still made such conclusions that the rich people have become rich and Only due to the fact that stole the poor people this is a good
  • 01:01: smart honest but they just unlucky ie normal poor man think that money is the root all evil in the world and rich people think that evil biggest on the planet is poverty not a rich man can say no to this not my or he may say No, I did I will not make I will not do so decide for
  • 01:33: himself if your goal is to have so much money allow yourself have to make much more than what do you have rich and selfish is a virtue and the poor people find defect but in the world relative and here let the poor a generous man such a beautiful so kind he is such a good
  • 02:04: did not teach PSP in but also to his family It is in poverty and not very much that there has let another the average man that is all and it is relatively healthy ego Nobody has prevented rich people are people actions they have target purpose and intent immediate effect and poor people are waiting
  • 02:35: Here's an example of a miracle win money or I will put somewhere out there after few years I got a lot of Well in short, they inactive They sit and wait when everything will happen by itself is when they come invited to some paying work or something else and this happens in life that suddenly their make rich but this happens very
  • 03:06: rare and mostly dreams and remain dreams and poor people these are people without a sister rich people think about future they they make plans invest it future and how consequently fill their future energy and natural get results poor people directs his attention in the past in good past
  • 03:37: time when It was cheaper less We pay the rent less cost and dollar so on that is it characterized by such a nostalgia again inactivity and their future become without energy there is no the energy is not there plans and objectives are not there naturally the results are very often rich possessed his
  • 04:07: work fills them passion they can sleep even two there four hours a day when Build your Business when some new things the day they are born they implement the there they work not to get details here moments benefit and they create a great business future holds sometimes they risk sometimes do not lose
  • 04:37: but they also win and poor people doing so they they do not enjoy such Forced but do but water 7 work on the job is not like it is not like well it is necessary to something to live here as it grew thin poor people and it's just merely thinking rich competently He cares for his species, they are trained
  • 05:07: they hire professionals who wisely their put that doing the right investments a poor man, he money spending he recklessly them resets and even if it proved superfluous He penny it simply about walks and the general and rich propet people do their education and not
  • 05:37: always official university education they are looking for every opportunity To obtain specific knowledge in the subject because that usually bloom and universities they give crust they give Diploma but they really do not teach earn or taught not to the full As it is, these Knowledge is not enough surround man
  • 06:07: graduated University graduate and walks proud that his higher education and to sense something from him Now this insufficiently Must have special education expertise and as it seems to be common phrases like common abstract words but if you try so you act Change your
  • 06:37: vector action and You will be results you will have a new path compass is not new one that indicates the fact that everything is bad nothing happens it is poverty forever you will have a new compass for action thing to do the first step when you it will make all only one step is necessary will make a second
  • 07:08: and third and so on and quietly leave on welfare path our state and our wealth is our thinking first queue and as a consequence it our action so that forward and act and if necessary specific information it has always You can find someone who he is looking I wish you all good luck prosperity and
  • 07:39: wealth see you [music]