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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone today new collection machines fixtures simply useful gizmos that I liked I hope they will useful to you [music] but before you start I want to recommend you subscribe to the channel is very interesting girl She lives in Italy fun humor He says about this
  • 00:30: wonderful country how to cook Carbonara as he did 2 but also as an oil become acquainted Italian than olives characterized in olives about it, and more more you learn her channel sign up link under the video We start with a fairly interesting solutions equip homemade lathe 4s red machine Transmission that allowed to choose needed for speed spindle [music] first gear gives
  • 01:00: 194 rpm [music] 2307 3 412 and 4, respectively 539 so here Box looks exploded a position to gearbox taken from Dnieper mt
  • 01:30: [music] That honestly is not yet I saw this video is not I know that there are compact folding stairs placed in a backpack but at the time it It would have a very much to gain [music] stairs made of steel 2 has a length of 44 meters and 366
  • 02:01: and weighs 9 and 13 half a kilo [music] price they certainly do not but for children density have to pay [music] Another interesting version of stairs and ladders is telescopes stairs stand to 150 kilogram and have different lengths [music]
  • 02:36: such ladder to climb so that any machine there with not quite possible there in a minibus as a you think you can warm in winter with a simple Well, in pencil basically course if you can run These cross kilometers Ten or wrung sotochku but my channel with companion diy gadget I found me and tedious method bask using stick with successful cable yes
  • 03:06: let the master charger and power bank it is very easy to make just such a compact burner at five volts and 0 5 Amps and environment temperature of 22 degrees it is heated to 60 degrees as radiator I use a piece of aluminum pipe as well as heating element normal simple pencil wires slate connected with using springs I think this gizmo with joy those who acquire It comes frozen all day in the cold Another interesting stanochek here such
  • 03:36: homemade marking gauge based electric planer elevator has a simple and pretty the original all designs four studs chain joined and that It allows produce their simultaneously adjustment [music] rollers allows easy to navigate carriage pairs often happens
  • 04:17: a situation that remontiruesh anything One gets the cogs shurupchiki in a jar and then mahnesh accidentally by hand or Damage to the jar that any and all fasteners in all directions in different directions result is that you do not all the parts needed and without them all too well It works here recently I saw an interesting solution magnetic problems plate that let me be Masha grow less another useful magnetic device here
  • 04:47: such a gathering or metal sawdust and shavings all small things inside the box is the spring-loaded rod with magneto such design It allows you to easily sunder metal garbage is or is not waste something useful with and a magnet throw it in some capacity in Ask of the last video You write out a you country and city many thanks responded this was really cool and I would wanted it to It has become a tradition at our channel for you I know that we you have so much adherents of world very famously write in comments you liked or
  • 05:17: I liked this selection and may be something like get well and and of course where you last another interesting channel for BNP is where you will find various homemade tests and experiments and many more exciting video on this channel is not It is boring sign up link in the description below video [music]