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  • 00:00: dear master glad welcome you to our next Master-class dedicated liquid Many of plastic you who have already ordered our products the studio received in various gift plastic jewelry and asked us questions of what they kept the plastic ornamentation made of so called liquid plastic is two component views a plastic that when mixed
  • 00:30: hardens and turns into absolutely solid plastic ornamentation main advantage of liquid plastic compared with a conventional polymer clay is that you you can make product almost any difficulty from some classic elements in the form here such color stones frames and note
  • 01:00: very thin frames thinner and possible and the liquid plasty make the thickness of the elements which for polymer clay it will be critical there are these products easy to break or will greatly deformed at trying to learn from forms can be make various figurines this case you see 2 chess Figures 1 and made White Liquid
  • 01:33: other plastics made of black liquid Plastic is one of the advantages of this Plastic is what you you can model obtained by casting modifying at scalpel after your model final you can harden its color acrylics note this turn there are elements manufactured and liquid plastic and
  • 02:03: treated acrylic paint so you your the product is obtained or snowy white or absolutely black can and decorate give it almost any the appearance of another example of decoration liquid products plastic is given Frame it online at It has presented only under plastic jewelry section we are young this frame We do not lay out for the the reason that manufacture it from the standard Polymer clay is not
  • 02:33: It seems possible this master class we you will make plastic Jewelry from such angel for this we need directly two component liquid plastic Artplast number three figure in It means the end of time the life of our mix present rulers Artplast number three Artplast number seven Artplast number 15 and Artplast
  • 03:04: the black for manufacturing plastic decoration us need dishes to mix two syringes toothpick any stick for stirring form silicone and directly the plastic plastic It consists of two liquid component mixed in ratio of one to one
  • 03:34: component a in a white lid component b with black cap before use liquid plastic necessarily read appliances security that presented at The package is opened tilt component and Liquid plastic is very He does not like humidity so try keep packages
  • 04:04: open a minimum amount of time open component b to measure out necessary plastic number I suggest use you syringe and conventional health because plastic is mixed in ratio of one to then one volume have mixed Information on plastics weight will incorrectly Type in one syringe
  • 04:35: component a in a volume 5 milliliters I will close the packaging 100 placed in the second We shall find a syringe same amount component b and 5 milliliters
  • 05:14: liquid plastic from stratum number is 3 lifetime of three moments that have you It will be three minutes mixing and hall Liquid form words plastic before he begins to thicken take the container mixing
  • 05:44: First pour in component has a try not to Splashing substance in liquid form quite poisonous finished product absolutely safe Component B has higher viscosity you should this pay attention so as a syringe will press more complicated and therefore may form
  • 06:15: much spray that can get you in eyes intense but carefully stirring approximately 30 seconds after mixing
  • 06:46: pour the resulting mixture form until the authorities have not yet hardened you have time to remove from the mold belongings if you are You notice the walk toothpick in all inaccessible places
  • 07:16: postpone toothpick aside and wait about 5 minutes in a while chemical reaction produces a large number of temperature plastic may reach a temperature above 90 degrees in any not try to to correct something
  • 07:48: hands you get burned after him plastic minutes fully harden making sure that plastic completely cool as I told you
  • 08:18: that the temperature can exceed 90 degrees Celsius can be to begin product extraction from shape of the product recovered very easily we note We get exactly casting our form with Repeat all parts it can be use right
  • 08:48: your work or decorate it using acrylic paints to me
  • 10:07: here